Zombies are Coming to Downtown Minneapolis!


Be afraid, be very afraid!

Halloween isn’t the scariest day in Minnesota, in fact, it’s a candy-laden afterthought compared to the Zombie Pub Crawl. This weekend, mobs of the risen dead will swarm unfortunate bystanders and wrench weekend traffic into a state of fearful curiosity (or annoyance). By now most should know that this ever-changing and ever-expanding occurrence is an inevitable part of October’s festivities in our fair state.

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Annual Zombie Crawl Takes Over Warehouse District

zombie pub crawl - 2014

It’s that time of the year again when of age adults dress up as the undead and join thousands of others as they take over a part of the Twin Cities on Saturday, October 11th.

Since 2005, the annual Zombie Pub Crawl has grown into masses of 20 to 30 somethings that rage from bar to bar, while enjoying live entertainment from anyone like Gin Blossoms to DMX in the past years.

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