Movie Review — ‘Unfriended’ is Cheap Teenage Horror


The following chat conversation was recently leaked online from the Universal servers. It regards the initial pitch meeting between executives and the screenwriter for Unfriended

StarvingWriter9432567 logged in

Writer: Hello? Hello? Is this thing working?

UniversalSoldier1 logged in

Producer 1: Who is this? How did you get this email?
Writer: Um… is this the 10:00 pitch meeting? I wrote a found footage horror movie.
Producer 1: Oh right! As you know following the success of Paranormal Activity we are contractually obligated to meet with any Joe off the street as long as they’re pitching an FFH.
Writer: I am aware. That’s why people write them.
Producer 1: Touche.
Writer: Why are we meeting online again?
Producer 1: Some people find my constant texting during meetings distracting.
Writer: Makes sense.
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‘Hairmantown’ & ‘Flowbio’ Highlight 2015 All Hockey Hair Team

all hockey hair team

The 2015 Minnesota State Boys’ Hockey Tournament wrapped up on Saturday night in St. Paul. Lakeville North won the AA Championship, capping off a perfect 31-0 season with a 4-1 victory over Duluth East in the final. In Class A, East Grand Forks won its second straight title, defeating Hermantown 5-4 in the championship game. (This was the 6th straight loss for Hermantown in the final. Ouch.)

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