Movie Review — ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Not the Bad Dinosaur, Not the Great Dinosaur Either


Pixar Animation Studios announced both Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur shortly after the release of Cars 2 in 2011. In the wake of the worst movie the studio had ever made, and their first non-Toy Story sequel, it was reassuring to see two ambitious high concepts on the schedule. Inside Out found a distinct narrative in the abstract concept of thought. The pitch for Dinosaur seemed just as promising: a revisionist history in which the comet never hit earth and dinosaurs were allowed to evolve alongside humans in the more recent future.

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Wanderlust: My Seven Wonders to the Pacific Northwest


For most of my life I have had this desire to live anywhere besides Minnesota. No offense to Minnesota or anything, but I have this feeling that I wasn’t meant to live in the Midwest my whole life. I told friends and family about this dream for as long as I can remember; so I think the decision to actually do it at the age of 26 was a soft blow to them.

For the past three years I have resided in the great city of Minneapolis. It felt like home. But, that strange feeling of wanderlust was still in the back of my mind. So, after many months of talk, I quit my nine to five job, notified the landlord of the beautiful apartment I lived in (very sad about leaving this apartment behind), my boyfriend and I packed up our materialistic lives and drove to Portland, OR. This is my experience of the highs and lows, differences and similarities of the Midwest to the West and everything in between.

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