Qylatron System Could Be Answer to Improving Security Screening at Public Events

qylatron security system

Anytime someone hears the three letters TSA put together there’s a good chance they aren’t gong to jump for joy. Ever since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and the many more attempts since then, airports all across the country have turned security checkpoints into the one thing travelers tend to loath more than flight delays.

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The ‘Futbol Jones’ World Cup 2014 Preview


I need to begin this piece with a confession.

I had never watched a minute of soccer in my life before 2006. As the proverbial fates had it, I was unemployed that summer — with job-hunting being probably the one single thing I detest doing more than anything in life, tuning into the World Cup seemed like a keen idea to me at the time.

And so I was there, front-and-center on my couch, for the first match of the tournament. I listened to the two teams national anthems and saw the emotions in the faces of the players on their sides, and I watched as the first kick was made and the clock began.

And it was the proverbial love at first sight.

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