Movie Review – ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Isn’t Monkeying Around

After the roaring success of Godzilla, the resurgence of the monster movie was officially in full swing, giving studios the green light to release several more remakes and reboots of classic monster films. And while we wait for them to unearth Steve McQueen’s The Blob (crosses fingers), we’ll have to settle for more popular franchises like King Kong.

Kong: Skull Island does everything it needs to be a crowd pleaser minus one pretty important piece. It’s heavy on the action and comedy, providing a fun escape to the theater, but the overflowing humor and lack of solid, likable three-dimensional characters weaken the stakes. It has great potential, but it doesn’t seem to care to go any further.

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‘Dunkirk’ PG-13 Rating is Nolan’s Boldest Move Yet

Christopher Nolan has never shied away from bold decisions, creating unique cinematic effects like Inception‘s mind-bending hallway scene, casting oddball actors like Heath Ledger as The Joker, and telling stories in mostly non-linear and splintered fashions. In the past, his creative instincts have led him to great success both critically and financially. Now, he’s making another bold move, and no it’s not casting One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles (though, that is head scratching), it’s creating a PG-13 war movie.[Continue Reading]

Movie Review — ‘Man Down’ is a Cliche-Ridden Mess

Man Down

After a two-year stint playing a real life crazy person, wearing paper bags on his head at red carpet events, videotaping himself viewing all his old movies live, riding on elevators with people and hitchhiking across America (plus so much more), I can only imagine Shia LeBeouf woke up one morning and realized he had bills to pay. So, he hopped on the first movie that would take him. It’s ironic, then, that he’s the one redeeming feature of Man Down — a movie so riddled with cliches and bad writing it’s like seeing a talented LeBeouf put on a powerful performance in a Hollywood purgatory, forcing him to pay penance for scorning them.

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Movie Review — ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is Exceptional


After a ten-year hiatus, Mel Gibson is back with his latest film Hacksaw Ridge and he isn’t pulling any punches. It was difficult to imagine Gibson being able to top his last film Apocalypto, arguably his masterpiece, but I think after ten years no one expected it either.

While Gibson is mostly known for his work as an actor, his talent as a director is where he most shines, and Hacksaw Ridge only adds to his superb body of work. It’s as brutal as one might expect from a Gibson film not to mention a movie about World War II, but its emotional resonance and strong moral compass in the main character helps give the story purpose and depth. Rather than another war movie about the insanity of war, Hacksaw Ridge flips that and says, “What if there was a light in all that darkness?” It’s a compelling true story with fantastic direction, cinematography, acting, and special effects — and it hands down deserves your attention.

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