The Films of Christopher Nolan Ranked


He’s probed the far reaches of space. He’s delved into the world of dreams. He’s resurrected superheroes from death at the hands of comedians and rubber nipples. He’s overcome debilitating memory and sleep disorders. He’s killed more wives than Henry VIII. He’s inspired a fanbase so rabid they single-handedly got the review comments feature disabled on Rotten Tomatoes. He’s by far the most well-known filmmaker in the world, and earlier this month he stopped by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

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The Walker Art Center: Celebrating 75 Years of Modern Art

walker art center - 75 years

The Walker 75th Anniversary exhibition seeks to answer the question of how art can remain relevant in a changing time. How does modern art continue to comment on our past and our future? Philosophical questions aside, the exhibit also seeks to remind patrons of the history of the Walker Art Center’s past, but also seeks to understand where it is headed in the future.

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2014 ‘Internet Cat Video Festival’ Both Hilarious and Cute at Walker Art Center

CatVidFest 2014

Tails and cat ears were aplenty as Internet Cat Video Festival returned to the Walker’s Open Field this year after the 2013 edition took place at the State Fair’s Grandstand.

Will Braden, cat video creator and recipient of the first Golden Kitty (People’s Choice) Award in 2012, curated most of the free event’s content while Tom Weber of MPR’s The Daily Circuit played host.

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The Walker Art Center Presents: ‘Christian Marclay: The Clock’

christian-marclay- the clock - walker art center 2

Comfy Scandinavian-inspired couches are laid out in symmetrical formation in a large studio space. Columbo is on the screen and a wristwatch reads 11:24. I immediately check my cell phone for the time—11:24. Christian Marclay’s The Clock (2010) is a real time, 24 hour long film created from hundreds of clips from film and television that feature the passage of time. Marclay’s cinematic marvel is a who’s who of famous films and television shows. The different clips are seamlessly bound through Marclay’s consummate editing and the musical score.

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The Walker Art Center Presents: ‘Art Expanded 1958-1978’


The Walker Art Center’s new exhibition features work from the “expanded arts” scene of the 1960s and 1970s. Just as the 60s and 70s were a time of experimentation, the Walker has selected pieces from their collection that showcase the experimental power of Fluxus. The “flow” from the Latin fluxus was adopted as the name of a movement concerned with ideas exemplified through art.

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Walker Art Center Presents Two Day ‘Rock the Garden’ Event

Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center and MPR’s The Current present two full days of eclectic music with its annual Rock the Garden event this weekend. For the first time since its start in 1998, the event will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. Rock the Garden will feature a variety of styles from indie blues to rock to hip-hop.

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‘The Walker Art Center’ Offers Attendees Free Admission

Gary Benz Photography

If you have ever been intrigued to check out The Walker Art Center, or have been waiting to plan a return trip, right now might be the time to visit the Minneapolis icon. From now until September 21st the art center is offering free admission to their featured galleries. Now you just need to figure out which day you are going to go right?

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All Fore Minneapolis – ‘Walker on the Green’ — A Very Unique Mini Golf Course

Walker on the Green - 2013 - Summer

Minneapolis is host to various entertaining events and activities during the hot summer months. Not to be left out, the Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden adding mini golf to the list. “Walker on the Green” is available until September 8 and is a perfect choice for golf enthusiasts, art lovers, families, and the like. A wide array of people from different personal and professional backgrounds submitted design proposals for the course, and from that pool 16 holes were selected. These 16 were divided into two aesthetically pleasing courses, each featuring eight holes to test your skills. If all that golfing has you famished, grab a hot dog and a beer from the Dog House food trailer right around the corner.

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