Where Does the Twin Cities Fall in the National Sports Cities Rankings?

Target Field - 2014 - Matthew Deery

Most of us Minnesotans follow at least one sport. We follow our favorite team(s) by several means like watching them on television, listening to them on the radio or following the team through our mobile devices. Some would rather attend a live sporting event in person to cheer on their favorite team(s).

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Gopher Fans Ride the Rails of Time

Como Harriet Minn Transport Museum

It was almost midnight September 2nd as thousands of Gopher football fans streamed to the Green Line rail platforms. Metro Transit lined up trains like cord wood. Not that the riders minded the short wait. An orange crescent moon presided over a glorious summer night and temps were still in the mid-seventies. Indeed, the sound of the train horns could easily lead the mind to wander and reminisce: Were we dreaming or did this scene happen before?

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Residents Take to Twitter to #BragMpls

Minneapolis - #bragmpls

Straying slightly from our Minnesota Nice mantra, Minneapolis residents have spent the week boasting about their city, using #BragMpls on Twitter. This uncharacteristic showboating was started by Mayor Hodges in an attempt to create a full week of bragging about Minneapolis.

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‘Primp Boutique’ — Cheap, Chic and Dog-Friendly

Primp Boutique

The Minnesota-based Primp stores look like high-end, high-priced boutiques, with clean interiors filled with fashionable, trendy clothing. One thing, however, sets Primp apart from the typical high fashion stores: the prices. Everything at Primp is under $100, quite a feat for quality stylish options.


Providing affordable style was one of the main concerns for owners Michele Gudmundson and Wesley Uthus.

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Light Rail Expansion On Hold

Light Rail

The Green Line light rail has finally connected St. Paul and Minneapolis as the Twin Cities. Now that this project is completed, focus has turned to spreading the connection out into the southern communities. The Southwest Light Rail plan would extend the line from downtown Minneapolis to St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Minnetonka and Eden Prairie.

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American Heart Association ‘Heart Walk’ at Target Field

AHA - target field walk - 2014

The American Heart Association is on a mission to reduce heart problems in America. Heart disease is America’s number one killer, and the AHA wants you to be aware, know the risks, protect your future, and be healthy. On Saturday May 31st, the American Heart Association is featuring the Twin Cities Heart Walk at the Target Field. All are welcome to come support and walk.

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Patina is a Twin Cities Store You Need to See For Yourself


Patina is a Minnesota-based chain of shops which sell everything from odd iPhone stands to mugs shaped like owls. This past Saturday, I found myself strolling around it for hours trying to take in all of the little novelty items inside.

There are several locations in the Twin Cities and after visiting two of the stops in the St. Paul area, it’s clear why the store is such a local success. Though the items may ome with a higher price, the shop has the perfect gift for absolutely any type of person for any occasion.

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