A Trip Seeming Into the Past — Edinburgh, Scotland Highlights

The Royal Mile

Being in the heart of Scotland’s capital city is like drifting into another era. The small city is dominated by the large castle which rests at the top of Castle Hill and marks the beginning of the Royal Mile. Strolling along the medieval streets that make up the Royal Mile is probably the best way to achieve the Edinburgh experience, as a lot of the main Edinburgh sites are in this area.

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RiverSouth Hopes to Bring Tourism to Scott County


Step aside North Shore and Wisconsin Dells, there’s a new travel destination trying to make a name for itself. The new “RiverSouth” is a collaboration between Scott County cities Shakopee and Prior Lake and the area’s main site attractions: The Renaissance Festival, Valleyfair, Mystic Lake Casino and Canterbury Park.

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London – A City of Modernity and History

London Big Ben and Thames

A skyscraper, reaching towards the sky, lined in windows and shiny metal contrasts a centuries-old castle, dating back to the 1400s, built with old stones and complete with towers. These two things you would never imagine together, or expect to see side by side. But that is exactly what you see in London.

London is a city of contrast, known for its modernity and smog (which I never experienced) and high fashion. Yet, it is also one of the oldest cities with a rich history.

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Germany: The Midwest of Europe

me in marbugr

Close your eyes and picture everything that makes Minnesota home: the rolling green hills of the south, the tree-covered bluffs of the north, the many colors of the changing seasons. Now add over a thousand years of complex history, remains of ruins dating back all the way to the Roman empire, medieval cathedrals, and a distinct affection for beer. Now you’ve got a startlingly accurate image of Western Germany in your mind.

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Spring Into Minnesota Wineries

Minnesota Wines

France, Italy, California, Australia, Chile… Minnesota? Although not listed among top wine regions in the world, the land of 10,000 lakes has produced its fair share of yummy grape-grog in recent years. While the Minnesota craft brewing renaissance carries on into another summer of fun, it’s easy to forget the work and innovation being done on the state’s other favorite beverage. Winter is over. Time to go wine tasting!

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Minnesota’s Third Largest City Continues to Develop

Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota

Minnesota’s tech and medical hub, Rochester, is among the fastest growing cities in the state. It has come a long way from its roots as a small town ripped up by a tornado in 1883. Over the last decade-and-a-half it has significantly outpaced the growth of Bloomington and Duluth to solidify its place as Minnesota’s third largest city (with a population of ~110,000). Now, along with it’s most notable edifice (the Mayo Clinic), Rochester hopes to keep its prolific momentum going with a new Destination Medical Center (DMC).

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European Traveler’s Guide – Trains in Different Countries

Windsor Trainstation

Getting from place to place can always prove to be tough, especially when in a foreign country. It is always best to be prepared to face whatever logistic woes might come up when touring, so that’s why I’m going to offer my stories and advice for using the various rail systems that Europe has to offer.

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Sapporo, Japan’s American City

Erik infront of the Sapporo Clock Tower

The Sapporo Clock Tower, you don’t leave without taking this picture. How about that bleached hair and the “S” sign for Sapporo? Don’t I look awesome?

While traveling through European and Asian cities over the course of my life I noticed a common difference they embody in contrast to Minneapolis, Chicago and other American Cities: they don’t do the grid thing very well. Cities in Europe and Asia grew over centuries rather than decades; they had no over-arching design. This noticeable tendency did not hold true for Sapporo though (I went there two years ago): the city took planning to the next level![Continue Reading]

European Traveler’s Guide: Dover Castle — Tunneling Through History


Europe is so rich with must see historical places, it’s almost impossible to find one place that encases the many notable periods of European history. You can go to Canterbury and learn about the Medieval period. Anywhere in Italy will be brimming with Renaissance history, and Northern France is full of history from the two World Wars. But I want to purpose an idea to the history loving prospective traveler: go to Dover Castle.

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Small Minnesota Town Ranks Among Nation’s Best


The Root River is a cool flowing, trout filled, brilliant body of water gliding through southeast Minnesota. It also flows right through the heart of what the Smithsonian considers one of the best small towns in America: Lanesboro.

The tiny town has a population of 750 — citizens of Lanesboro oftentimes refer to their town as ‘Minnesota’s Bed and Breakfast Capital.’ Despite the small size, Lanesboro was recently ranked 10th on the 2014 Smithsonian list of Best Small Towns to Visit.

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