Chance Meetings with Strangers: An Immersive Interview with the Directors of ‘Crime and Punishment’


The basement of the Soap Factory is best known as one of the Twin Cities’ most popular haunted houses. Today, if not for the eerie white masks worn by half the room’s inhabitants, it could be confused for the foyer in any of Minneapolis’s more traditional theaters. Of course I tend to think theater foyers look like Purgatory. There are couches and tables and gaudy red paint across the walls, all candlelit like a funhouse rendition of high society. Someone is serving tea on a cart in the corner. A warbled old radio plays lounge music.

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‘The Haunted Basement’ at The Soap Factory Will Induce Terror

The Soap Factory - The Haunted Basement - 2013

The Soap Factory in Minneapolis is well-known for being the best spot in the Twin Cities to get the pants scared off you — I personally will never step foot anywhere near there, I quite like my pants thank you. But I personally know so many, my sister included, who love to get terrorized by nightmarish figures and experiences. As Halloween nears, the time to experience this terror fest is now — though tickets are unfortunately already sold out (see their website for more details). So this post is more of recommendation to keep this event in mind for next year, to get tickets early, because The Soap Factory is obviously doing something right.

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