Movie Review – ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is Hilarious, Awesome Fun

When The Lego Movie came out, I was honestly skeptical. The idea of throwing a popular toy franchise on to the big screen reeked of a get-rich-quick scheme by Hollywood producers, hoping to capitalize only on the brand name and not put much effort into the cinematic experience. Fortunately, I was very wrong, and admittedly, I fell for the same thinking trap again with The LEGO Batman Movie.

I figured The LEGO Movie’s success was nostalgia driven and wouldn’t be able to be replicated in future spin-offs. However, The LEGO Batman Movie proved you can make a great movie on two massive franchises (Batman and LEGOs) without feeling like a cheap cash grab. With fun and hilarious comedy, lovable characters, fast pacing and emotional stakes, The LEGO Batman Movie is well worth the trip to the theater.

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‘Cinema in the Sand’ at Valleyfair


Last month, Valleyfair hosted a legion of food trucks containing a wide variety of morsels and delicacies from all over Minnesota. The Food Truck Frenzy was a big hit and may well become an annual tradition.

In July and August, everyone’s favorite local amusement park is at it again, providing more memorable entertainment options for the whole family. They’re calling it ‘Cinema in the Sand’ and you don’t want to miss out.

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Redefining Success — ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Lego Movie’ Make a Case For Family-Friendly Entertainment


It’s interesting to see two unsuspecting (kind of) movies that have been the biggest hits in theaters over the past months. Frozen has launched a seemingly endless phenomenon, and The Lego Movie has been a smash hit since hitting theaters last month (96% on Rotten Tomatoes!). It truly intrigues me that these are the two movies that almost everyone has seen and both are still topics of conversation even though Frozen (and out on DVD today) is five months old now, and The Lego Movie released early February.

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