Movie Review — ‘The Lazarus Effect’ Can’t Totally Revive its Dead Premise

lazarus effect - movie review 2015

A college intern shouts “It’s alive!” directly at the camera. He plays it off as a joke, but there’s genuine excitement in his voice all the same. He’s aware that there’s a movie called Frankenstein, clearly. He’s not aware of the irony that the scientist behind his research team is named Frank, nor will he notice that their efforts to “cure” death are doomed to a very familiar comeuppance — not until it’s too late anyway. When Colin Clive shouted that line in 1931 he was theatrically depicting the pure, grandiose hubris of a man overwhelmed by the fact that he’s played God. The sentiment belonged to Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Frankenstein alone. When Evan Peters does it in 2015, he’s equally pleased that his life has momentarily crossed paths with that one old movie. In a way, he knows how to feel because Colin Clive told him how.

And there you have it: modern film in a nutshell. Every story has presumably been told. Every emotion has been felt. We can access all of it on our phones in a second, and yet as human beings we still have to feel everything in the real world. Love, hate, fear, lust, joy, etc. are now inseparable from the quotes in the movies where we first experienced them.

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