Planning Ahead For the Holiday Weight Gains


Early planning and preparation can help you succeed through and beyond the holidays. According to one study, the average holiday weight gain was just under a pound, but the cumulative effect can negatively impact health.

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Mall of America to Close on Thanksgiving — Sorry Black Friday Shoppers

mall of american to close on Thanksgiving - 2016

I am one of those people who enjoys going out for a bit on Black Friday — my wife and I usually spend a few hours in the afternoon stopping at a few stores and grabbing some early Christmas presents.

I find it so ironic how, literally one day after people say “thanks” for all they have, it’s a feeding frenzy at retail stores for the “marked down” consumer products as people fight for more.

Though I enjoy the time with my wife on these days, I will never fully understand the craziness that surrounds Black Friday. The hordes of ravaged shoppers, the merciless fighting, the absurd lines starting outside stores days before Black Friday, it’s just too much. I understand getting a great deal on a TV, but at what cost? A dinner with your family on Thanksgiving? Hours of your life waiting in line? Your dignity as you fight people off for the latest gizmo?

In recent years, the trend has gotten to be even worse, with many stores now having their “Black Friday” sales start on Thursday — as you all know, that isn’t just some regular Thursday, it’s Thanksgiving. I don’t really care if people are crazy enough to want to shop on Thanksgiving at 5 p.m., but I do care for the poor retail employees who are forced to work because of those crazy people.

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Too Much Gobble on Thanksgiving Can Make You Wobble


It’s that time of year again and everyone is gearing up for the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a time to bond with loved ones, give thanks and of course eat lots of delicious food!

One of the hardest things to do during Thanksgiving is stick to your diet.

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The Origins of Thanksgiving


We all know the story. 400 years ago in one of America’s first colonies, Plymouth, the Thanksgiving tradition began. It started with an unlikely alliance between the Pilgrims of the Mayflower and a Native American Pawtuxet tribe member called Squanto. Without the assistance of Squanto, the Pilgrims may not have survived the winter of 1621. Squanto taught the pilgrims how to survive in the foreign, unforgiving land they settled in — how to cultivate corn, what plants to avoid, how to extract sap from trees. He also helped them secure an alliance with the nearby Wampanoag tribe — an alliance that led to what is known as ‘the first Thanksgiving.’

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