How Close Are We to Autonomous Driving?

google - self-driving car

I have always been intrigued by Google’s self-driving car — this meant there was a possibility of a blind person like myself being able to travel by their own car to wherever they wanted to go. Or someone who was fully sighted could be doing other activities such as browsing the internet while the car takes them to their destination.

At the same time, I was also skeptical of the idea — questions like: “What if the car fails to stop and runs into a person while they were crossing the street?” In that case, it meant that a blind person or someone who wasn’t focused on the road wouldn’t be able to safely drive the car if such an occurrence happened.

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Qylatron System Could Be Answer to Improving Security Screening at Public Events

qylatron security system

Anytime someone hears the three letters TSA put together there’s a good chance they aren’t gong to jump for joy. Ever since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and the many more attempts since then, airports all across the country have turned security checkpoints into the one thing travelers tend to loath more than flight delays.

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Thalmic Labs Could Give You The Power Of ‘The Force’ With Their New Device

myo armband - the force - star wars

We still have a ways to go until we see JJ Abrams bring us back to the world of Star Wars (hopefully lens flare free, though unlikely). We do, however, have something to satisfy our sci-fi thirst: the power of ‘The Force.’

Okay, before you jump for joy and risk colliding with a low ceiling, or ceiling fan, let’s take a step back. It’s not the actual ‘Force’ so, no, you are not going to be able to go all Darth Vader on your boss because he won’t let you take vacation time. This ‘Force’ comes in the form of an armband device developed by Thalmic Labs, according to

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Solar Roadways: A Dream Come True for Minnesota

What Solar Roadways could look like (graphic design by Sam Cornett)

What Solar Roadways could look like (graphic design by Sam Cornett)

For one of my other jobs, I drive a lot. I make squiggly lines all over the Twin Cities using freeways and side-streets. Roads are challenging in Minnesota for a myriad of reasons; as soon as icy (or snow-laden) surfaces are clear, summer construction begins (coning off lanes that we so desperately want). Commuters, truckers, bus drivers and cyclists know the pothole plague that besets the city after a rough winter (like we just had). Road repairs aren’t cheap either. With the amount of work, repainting, paving machinery and rising cost of petroleum based materials, the funds needed from local government will continue to rise.

What if there was a solution that made streets snow and ice free as well as making repairs quick? What if it illuminated lines on the road, could generate messages, warn drivers of danger and generated some of its own electricity? I may be a sucker for new technology, but I think everyone could agree that the Solar Roadway concept is way cool!

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A Survivor’s Guide to the Windows ‘XP’ocolypse

death of Microsoft XP

Quick, head for the basement! I hope it’s well-stocked with bottled water and cans of Campbell’s, because a dark, dark day is upon is: The Windows XPocolypse has arrived.

That’s right, after twelve years, Microsoft stopped releasing security and system updates for the beloved Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Windows XP has been a staple for businesses, schools, and personal computer users worldwide; in fact, the governments of the UK and China have paid Microsoft to continue supporting XP for an extended period. But what if you don’t have 5.5 million pounds to keep your XP computer up and running?

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Caregivers Harsher to Children When Absorbed With Smartphones

Parents Harsher to Children When Absorbed With Smartphone

In the past few years we have all started to experience the phenomenon that I call “screen-silence.” This is when you realize that your previously chatty social situation just went mute due to smartphone and tablet screens stealing the collective attention. One member might wake into an awareness of the moment or an outsider entering into the mix might chastise the group, but the untold truth, that this will happen again and we are powerless in the matter, lingers.

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