Erosion of Courage (Reflections on ‘The Interview’ Cancellation)

Staying Behind the Legal Picture Line at the DMZ

A view from behind the yellow line (for photography) in South Korea’s Demilitarized Zone across to North Korea

As I looked across the Demilitarized Zone (a layered valley of autumn-tinged fields and soldiered fences) my heart sank with a heavy realization: Korea had more than governments, economics, armies, allies and living conditions dividing it; the landscape glowered at me as the greatest separation. North Korea was (and is) treeless.

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E3 Press Conference Analysis Day 0 – Sony

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.39.57 AM

The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) each June has arguably become the largest spectacle for video games media in the United States, if not the world. Whether you’re a newcomer to E3’s offerings or just in need of a quick recap, here are some thoughts about Sony’s press conference:

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