The Sights and Sounds of 2015 ‘Soundset’

Brother Ali (Minnesota Connected)

Brother Ali performing at the Fifth Element stage

Soundset’s perennial success might come as a surprise to the casual onlooker, but anyone digging deeper knows the stalwart power of what it means to those who keep attending. Minnesota would seem like an odd place for one of the world’s top hip-hop festivals, yet Rhymesayers (our local label) has found the terrain quite fertile. Soundset year upon year keeps springing forth a complete ecosystem of hip-hop that’s seemingly unhindered by setbacks or the elements.[Continue Reading]

Interview with Minnesota’s Master DJ ‘Freddy Fresh’

Freddy Fresh (left) and I sat down for a chat at Soundset 2014

Freddy Fresh (left) and I (Erik Bergs, right) sat down for a chat at Soundset 2014

At Soundset Minnesota Connected met with local Minnesotan and global superstar Freddy Fresh. His interview was a lot different from the other artists that we spoke with; he happily admitted to being older than the various performers working the concert; but with his advantage in experience and a bit of retrospection, Freddy dropped quite a few jolts of wisdom.[Continue Reading]

‘Soundset’ Interview Highlights

Grieves Interview with Erik Bergs

Last week, at the triumphant ‘Soundset’ concert, Minnesota Connected got the opportunity to conduct interviews with a handful of the performers. Rhymesayers, the local label behind the event, was a popular topic (and employer) among the artists. Much to the delight of the label (and not by accident) there was an anti-materialistic theme that permeated through the venue.

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‘Soundset’ Triumphs Despite Canadian Credit Cards, Overloaded Cell Phone Towers and Texas TSA

CH (1)

Cypress Hill embodied many of the day’s themes.

Sunday’s weather proved that perfection in Minnesota May is possible. The state’s largest music festival deserved the lucky break; unlike the chilly Soundset of 2013 or the heat followed by the tornado of 2012, the only seasonal question fans had to answer was how much sunscreen to put on (answer: not much).

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‘Savor Minnesota’ in Shakopee


Are you a connoisseur of fine wine and delectable delicacies? Or do you at least wanna pretend you are for an afternoon?

If you answered “You betcha!” to either of those questions, this Saturday’s ‘Savor Minnesota’ in Shakopee is an event you should plan to check out.

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