Fun, Flavor and Historic Appeal — ‘Mattie’s on Main’ Restaurant Review

matties on main

I always like exploring new restaurants in the Minneapolis area. Sometimes it’s fun to go to old favorites, but there are so many places to try out that it doesn’t happen very often. Along with that, the story behind a restaurant can make the experience even more inviting. Located in the Riverplace building in the St. Anthony Main area, Mattie’s on Main is a new addition to the neighborhood with its modern day saloon vibe, various types of entertainment and great drink options.

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A New Restaurant Gem on the East Side — ‘Cook St. Paul’


Living on the Eastside of St. Paul, my attention has been brought to Payne Avenue and the rising of restaurants and little shops along the route. Following an East Sider residents’s Facebook group, the new restaurant Cook St. Paul has been getting quite the hype on lots of posts. Cook St. Paul is owned by two cooks, Eddie Wu and Charles Cook. Their restaurant sits where Serlin’s Cafe grew to popularity for multiple decades until the owners closed down for their retirement. I decided to check it out this new place, and interview owner Eddie Wu.

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In the Summertime Heat, Give ‘Crema Cafe’ in Uptown a Shot

Crema Patio

This weekend I got to spend some time in Minneapolis to visit my cousin and head to the Beer and Bacon Fest. After all of the shenanigans on Saturday, we were in dire straits come noon on Sunday. Food needed to happen, and it needed to happen now.

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Lowertown St. Paul’s Fun and Cozy Gem — ‘Bin Wine Bar’ Review

bin wine barI enjoyed a recent evening out with friends in the Lowertown neighborhood of St Paul (near where the new Saints’ stadium will be built for 2015). We hung out at the Bulldog to watch the big game and then Barrio to dance like maniacs — but before all that rowdy revelry, we dropped in at Bin Wine Bar for dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’d been to Bin once before, but only briefly. This was my first time enjoying the full dining experience.

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A Mixology Masterpiece — ‘Bradstreet Crafthouse’ Restaurant Review

bradstreet crafthouse - restaurant review

On the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, a friend and I were looking to get together for a quiet dinner. We wanted to find a restaurant that didn’t include the festive partygoers of the upcoming holiday but wanted to meet in an area that accommodated to both of us. We settled on Bradstreet Crafthouse. Located on the first floor of the Graves 601 Hotel, in downtown Minneapolis, it is the perfect restaurant for its location. It sits directly across the street from the Target Center and in between other downtown bars as well. Also, it is a breath of fresh air in its unique menu and drink selection. With its pre-prohibition-style theme, waiters in suspenders with their hair slicked back, it can be classified as a trendy, yet classy, establishment.

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A Meat Lovers Paradise — ‘Fogo de Chão’ Restaurant Review

fogo de chao - restaurant review - top sirloin

Last week, with my wife on Spring Break, I decided to take her to one of our favorite spots for lunch to engorge ourselves in the Twin Cities: Fogo de Chão. Now, if you haven’t heard of this wonderful mecca of meat, let me tell you about its glory. This is no ordinary sit down, fancy restaurant.

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‘Brau Brothers’ Taproom in Marshall, MN

Brau Bros Front Marshall, MN

Minneapolitans aren’t often seen roaming the smooth prairies of southwestern Minnesota (especially in March); but my fiancée and I had the opportunity to do just that. Little did we know, until informed by my good friend and his wife (who recently became residents of the area), that the Brau Brothers, the undisputed beer-lords of our state’s southwestern corner, had constructed a legendary drinking hall and brew-lab in the city of Marshall.

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A Gorgeous Setting, Even Better Food — ‘Basil’s Restaurant’ Review

basils restaurant - IDS Tower - Marquette Hotel - restaurant review

It’s Valentine’s Day. There are restaurants aplenty to choose from depending on your menu preference. With the help of a simple smartphone app called OpenTable, I got to pick from dozens of restaurants on the app — after scrolling through the options, I then made a dinner reservation for the evening at Basil’s — Opentable’s 2009 and 2011 Diner’s Choice Restaurant.

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Mouth-Watering Desserts and Dishes — ‘The Buttered Tin’ Restaurant Review

the buttered tin - st paul - restaurant review - layout

Friends, I have a tasty new spot to recommend. A lovely cafe and bakery called, The Buttered Tin in St. Paul. Now, I know I had some of you already at “Buttered,” but I’ll go on. The Buttered Tin is a relatively new spot in the very cool Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul.

Author’s Note: for people nervous about driving “in the city” or bad parallel parkers (the rest of you can skip this): I know some people can be intimidated by driving downtown, but I promise this spot is not intimidating. There are plenty of nearby parking meters and even in the busiest times, I have always been able to find a few open spots together, therefore eliminating the need to parallel park. Do not let the downtown location or parking fears hold you back from trying The Buttered Tin. FYI — some meters take quarters only and some take credit cards, so chose accordingly. Side note over. Back to business.

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A Promising Pub in Downtown East — Maxwell’s Restaurant Review

Maxwells - Minneapolis - Downtown East - Restaurant Review - 2014

As I often mention, it is my mission to make my rounds to the underrated bars and restaurants in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. From the slanted pictures to mismatched dinnerware, you cannot go wrong with a hole-in-the-wall American Pub to provide essentials like a ‘morning after bloody and breakfast’ or a place for ‘weeknight out with an old friend.’ I have driven past Maxwell’s time and time again but for some reason the thought of stopping there keeps slipping my mind. After the typical debate of where to go on a date night, I opened up my bookmarks in Yelp and Maxwell’s was the first to catch my eye. Fate? Maybe so.

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