The Donald is Coming to Town August 19 — Trump References Minnesota’s Somali Community During Maine Speech

Trump-presidential candidate

According to the local CBS affiliate, the circus known as the Donald Trump presidential campaign comes to our home state in less than two weeks. On August 19, Trump will hold a “major fundraiser” with tickets going for up to $100k a piece.

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Jesse Ventura Preps for Potential 2016 Presidential Run

Jesse Ventura Presidential Run

Joseph Friedrichs prepares to chat with Jesse Ventura at the 617 Lounge in White Bear Lake in this 2009 photo. Photo credit: Paul Dois

Get ready Minnesotans, in just three years former Governor Jesse Ventura will likely be running for President, of the United States, of America.

During a recent interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Ventura explained the timing would be right in 2016 for a run at the nation’s top political office.

“As an independent, you don’t want an incumbent,” Ventura said. “So the office will be wide open. That’s what I looked at in Minnesota.”

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