Movie Review – ‘Cars 3’ Desperately Tries Not to be Cars 2

cars 3

If you haven’t been brought up to speed over the last eleven years of Cars history, I’ll help you out. The Cars movie only exists to sell toys. And if you’re parent, it’s likely you know this pretty well by now. Pixar makes bank selling Lightning McQueen and Mater toys. However, as a film franchise, it’s one of the worst Pixar properties in their long and successful film history. Of all their movies, Cars 2 is the only critically panned Pixar film to date.

Usually, when a sequel gets panned, a studio ends it and moves on. But since Cars is a merchandising cash cow, it was only inevitable they’d release the third installment and make it a trilogy. As a side note, it’s a little sad their worst property has a trilogy before The Incredibles. But I digress.

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Movie Review — ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Not the Bad Dinosaur, Not the Great Dinosaur Either


Pixar Animation Studios announced both Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur shortly after the release of Cars 2 in 2011. In the wake of the worst movie the studio had ever made, and their first non-Toy Story sequel, it was reassuring to see two ambitious high concepts on the schedule. Inside Out found a distinct narrative in the abstract concept of thought. The pitch for Dinosaur seemed just as promising: a revisionist history in which the comet never hit earth and dinosaurs were allowed to evolve alongside humans in the more recent future.

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Movie Review: ‘Inside Out’ is Another Emotional Masterpiece from Pixar

Inside Out_1From the studio that introduced you to an adventurous young girl, turned her into an old woman, and then killed her off in the first ten minutes of what was ostensibly a film for young children…

…that opened a winning comedy about a robot in space with a vision of Earth as a post-apocalyptic wasteland where most animals (and presumably people) had died from human greed and wastefulness…

…that took some of the most iconic characters in movie history and threatened to burn all of them in a fiery pit that bore no small resemblance to hell…

Pixar Animation Studios proudly presents: Birth.

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