A Hard Political Week Casts a Pall on The First Night of The Current’s 12th Birthday Party

The sold out show filled First Avenue with hundreds of fans eager to celebrate 89.3 The Current’s 12th birthday on Friday evening.

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Where Does Minnesota Rank Nationally as a Caring City?

caring in Minnesota

Everyone has a need to feel like we belong. One of the most intimate ways we express this is caring for one another. We express this in multiple ways by doing things such as helping an elderly person with various tasks around their home, helping a neighbor with a project or just being a friend.

In a recent article, Wallet Hub ranked the most caring cities for 2016 among the 100 most populated cities in U.S. They used several metrics such as volunteer hours per capita, percentage of sheltered homeless people and percentage of income donated to charity. The three categories they ranked were: caring for the community, caring for the vulnerable and caring in the workplace.

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Minnesota Actor Paul Cram Talks Dark Drama ‘Imperfect Sky’


The Twin Cities Film Festival is in full swing. With a myriad of galas, short and feature films, and workshops, the festival has become a popular and growing annual event at the Showplace Icon Theater at the West End in St. Louis Park. Running from October 19th to the 29th, the festival hosts films from all over the country and invites special guests from Hollywood to attend. The festival is a great way to see independent films that you normally couldn’t see elsewhere, Minnesota made films, and up-and-comers with a lot of buzz surrounding them.

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‘Canby Classic Cinema’ Gets Restored Back to Life

canby movie theater

Canby, Minnesota’s Central Park, is an idyllic spot for a family reunion. It is encircled by a bustling small town that could leap right out of A Prairie Home Companion. A quick left turn from last week’s Randgaard family reunion and I had to screech on the brakes to capture a shot of one of America’s classic art deco theatres, Canby Classic Cinema.

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Act Addresses Gender Gaps for Women of Color in Minnesota

Rep. Moran

Rep. Rena Moran, who represents district 65A in St. Paul, has been the key author of the Women of Color Opportunities Act. Moran recognizes gender gaps women of color have had to face and the negative effects it has had for our communities. Moran understands this issue better than most as she illustrates the gender gap by being the only African American woman serving in the Minnesota State Legislature.

To stem the effects of this gender gap, Moran has sought to create a comprehensive piece of legislature that is designed to address gender gaps for women of color in education and the workforce. A video of her speaking about it can be found here.

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Bathroom Bill Ignites Debate in Minnesota

Representative Glenn Gruenhagen

The bill H.F. 3396, also called the Individual’s Right to Privacy and Safety in Public Accommodations Act, authored by Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen has ignited a heated debate in Minnesota over transgender rights. If passed, the bill would define sex in Minnesota as being either a male or a female as biologically defined. There are a great deal of transgender citizens living in Minnesota who are excluded from the definition of sex proposed by Gruenhagen in his bill.

Gruenhagen’s bill, based on his definition of sex, would ban transgender people from using “employer restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and similar facilities relating to sexual orientation.” The bill’s provisions would also be extended to public schools and universities. Understandably, this has caused quite a stir in Minnesota.

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Minnesota Man Kills Famous Lion


A Bloomington man faces the world’s wrath over a lion he illegally killed while on a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

Walter Palmer, 55, killed the lion July 1 in Hwange National Park. The lion, Cecil, was a black-mane lion around 12 years old and was well known to park visitors.

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Duck, Duck, Gray Duck: Six (Semi) Scientific Arguments Explaining Superiority

Pollard Gray Duck Map

There’s a goose roast going on in Minnesota and the whole world is invited. Not a real goose of course, it’s totally figurative. For we, as a people, are undertaking the prolonged and laborious effort of explaining what seems like common sense to us, but comprises a mind-blowing revelation for those outside our borders. What revelation you ask? That the game “Duck, Duck, Gray (or Grey) Duck” is decidedly more awesome (and beneficial) than “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

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Minnesota Sets “Value of Solar” Energy Tariff

Solar-Panels - Minnesota Determines value

On Wednesday, following more than two years of debate and fact review, Minnesota utility regulators approved the first statewide formula for calculating the value of customer-generated solar power.

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Minnesota Bear Researcher’s Methods Enter Courtroom

Lynn Rogers - Bears - Man kissing a bear

Lynn Rogers is a bear man. He has spent a lifetime studying the animals. He has broadcast their habits to millions via the Internet. He has even hand-fed them.

And now, Rogers finds himself inside a St. Paul courtroom because of bears.

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