Head to the Zoos for Baby Animals

Lynx Kittens

Nothing is cuter than baby animals — nothing — since you clearly agree, now is a great time to head to the Minnesota Zoo or Como Zoo.

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Minnesota Zoo Breaks Ground On Nature-based Playground

Minnesota Zoo Nature-based playground

If there’s one thing we love in Minnesota, it’s the great outdoors. With more about 75 state parks, we have lots of ways to get out and explore. Now the Minnesota Zoo is creating another opportunity to experience the great outdoors, specifically for kids.

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‘Brew at the Zoo’ Set to Return in August

Upside Down Wolverine Josh More

This wolverine had a few too many.

The consequences of a bunch of swivel-stepping beer nerds holding an after-hours drink-a-thon hasn’t dissuaded the Minnesota Zoo; in fact, the Apple Valley landmark is inviting them back. A spike in ape-on-ape stare downs, roaring contests and unnecessary hazings of the zoo’s metaphorically (and sometimes literally) flat-footed residents is on its way this August. Beer and animals, it rarely gets this good![Continue Reading]

It’s Always Sunny in the Twin Cities

Photo Credit: Nattapol Pornsalnutwat

Photo Credit: Nattapol Pornsalnutwat

You know the situation: You wake up in the morning on a beautiful, sunshiny day with big plans to hit the beach with a cooler and friends or take the kids to the park. You pull back the drapes, expecting to be greeted by the bright, warm sun. Instead, you are faced with grey skies laced with dark, heavy clouds and pouring rain. Shoot. This must mean you’ll be spending your day in bed. Or maybe you’ll have to fight the kids to keep them inside, hoping to entertain them with broken toys and movies they’ve seen hundreds of times, right? WRONG! Get out of bed, people of the Twin Cities! There are still plenty of options!

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