Busier Than Ever: State Fair Shatters First Friday Attendance Mark

mn state fair - 2016 - breaks friday attendance record

For the 152nd time since 1859, a deluge of Minnesotans dressed in brotanks and fanny packs has flooded St. Paul for the latest installment of the Great Minnesota Get Together. Even as you read this sentence, from Albert Lea to Roseau, and all points in between, citizens of the 32nd state in the Union are making the pilgrimage to our capital city for the chance to see beauty queens carved from huge butter blocks while double-fisting a couple of pronto pups and washing them down with an entire bucket full of cookies.

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Top 10 Selling Food Items at The State Fair

Sunset-Minnesota State Fair - 2013 - 6th Visit - Minnesota Connected

The annual Great Minnesota Get Together is still a few weeks away, so you still have time to set aside calories in preparation for the ‘Smorgasbord in St. Paul’ that is the Minnesota State Fair.

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Minnesota Politics 2014: Where are the Debates? Where’s the Drama?

Al franken - 2014 Minnesota elections

Some Minnesotans might be surprised to hear that we’re at the brink of a major political storm. A slow stream of articles have touched on some of the races sprouting from the August primaries, but a full-scale clash (annoying TV ads, smear campaigns, debates, etc.) between the parties is still on hold. The building pressure will likely result in short but sharply negative contests.

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What’s So Great About the Great Minnesota Get-Together?

Minnesota State Fair (2)

Though I’ve kept you updated on the State Fair improvements and price changes, I have a confession to make: I am not a fan of the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. I’ve been a few times before and I manage to find some enjoyment. I like the rides and I love Sweet Martha’s cookies (the best part of my trip is buying a bucket). But other than that, I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why it’s a statewide attraction, why everyone seems to count down the days until it’s here and why people go two or five or all twelve days.

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State Fair Prices Increase for 2014

Minnesota State Fair

Lovers of the Great Minnesota Get-Together will be paying higher prices for a day at the fair this year. But not too worry, the increases aren’t likely to break the bank.

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The State Fair Gets a Major Makeover

Minnesota State Fair Makeover

Our beloved State Fair will look a little different when we are reunited once again in a little more than a month. On Thursday, fair officials released the new makeover, which includes a new transit hub as well as the nearby West End Marketplace.

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Minnesota State Fair Adds New Foods for 2014

Beer Gelato - State Fair Food

The Great Minnesota Get Together is just two short months away, meaning we are all just two months away from fun in the sun and of course, food. There will be an even greater variety to choose from this summer — the Minnesota State Fair has announced 28 new foods.

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‘St. Paul Summer Beer Fest’ Just Around the Corner!

St. Paul Summer Beer Fest

Arguably the best beer festival in the state in terms of beverage, music and miscellaneous factors, the 6th annual St. Paul Summer Beer Fest should not be turned down lightly. With the official list of breweries just released, if you haven’t made plans… it’s time!

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Minnesota Horse Expo (Explained With a Dozen Forced Puns)

Minnesota Horse Expo Colorful Riders

Who’s ready to start horsin’ around? Later this month at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds there’s going to be all kinds of trotting and neighing as the 2014 Minnesota Horse Expo gets underway. Like so many of these events, it will only be truly experienced if one actually shows up and participates; this article can lead a horse to water but it can’t make it drink.

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Top Ten Foods Invented in Minnesota

Jolly Green Giant Minnesota Food

Minnesotans know how to do food. It’s a statistical fact. Despite ranking 12th in land size and 21st in population, the state of Minnesota is the 4th largest exporter of agricultural products in the USA. Combined with a long history of innovation, it’s only natural that we have blessed the world with a barrage of original food concepts.

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