‘Invasive Carp’ Invading at Last

Bighead Carp - Elizabeth Sellers

The high waters of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers have done more than closed parks, beaches and walking paths this year; the burgeoning Mississippi may have created the perfect conditions for enticing the infamously named “Invasive Carp” to visit our beloved state. Commercial fishermen contracted by the Department of Natural Resources caught a gravid (carrying eggs) female from each of the two threatening species (bighead and silver) in Cottage Grove this past Thursday.

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Carp to Force the Closing of St. Anthony Lock… Permanently?


Whether carp, boat or Balrog, no one will be allowed access through the lock according to new legislation.

The freshly christened “Invasive Carp” are back in Minnesota’s news. This time because the fish are behind a possible major interruption of Mississippi River’s navigable waters; to keep the fish from Northern Minnesota, the United States Congress is looking to close the shipping lock on the Upper St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis.

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Trout Fishing Opener Swims With Success

Trout River Fish

Though the trout fishing season in southeast Minnesota opened with periods of hail, heavy rain and fierce winds, throughout the day many fishermen were seen leaving creeks and rivers with smiles on their faces.

Included in the mix was this fisherman, who left the opener Saturday, April 12th with four trout, a mix of rainbows and browns. The daily trout limit in Minnesota is five.

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Record Breaking Fish? Or Law Breaking Fisherman? Both.


How much would you pay for the experience of having a world record-sized fish on the other end of your ice fishing line?

$100? $1000?

On Tuesday, the Pioneer Press reported Crane Lake resident Rob Scott ended up paying $475 for that thrilling opportunity — $400 in fines, plus $75 in court costs.

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Ice Likely to Come Off Late This Year — Still Use Caution

Ice Melt Fishing Minnesota

Ice fishing fanatics may have actually enjoyed this winter’s bitter coldness; the ice is darn thick on quite a few lakes still. But even though Minnesota’s been having quite a few thaw-less days doesn’t mean that the ice is still in pristine condition.

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