Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer – ‘Bauhaus Brew Labs’

Bag Toss  Board @ Bauhaus Brew Labs

Beer has always been important to us (Robert and Erik). Be it home-brewing, savoring a Bavarian masterpiece or just frothing our respective mustaches on pitchers of Hamms at a local dive bar, we think about, discuss and enjoy our ales and lagers all the time. So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce the first of (hopefully) many articles (and podcasts!) on Minnesotan breweries. Not enough is being said about Minnesota beer! It’s time to start navigating the yeasty, hoppy renaissance that is sweeping our state.

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Insight Brewing Open House Sept. 26

Insight Brewing Company Open House

By now, you’ve probably noticed all of the craft brewers and microbreweries throughout Minnesota that continue to pop up after the “Surly Bill” was passed in 2011.

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Landslide Leaves Jordan Nanobrewer with Uncertain Future

Roets Jordan Brewery - Via Roets Jordan Brewery

An aspiring and historic renovation of the old Jordan Brewery (Jordan, MN) has been hit hard by recent rains: a landslide brought tons of mud and debris into the third floor apartments of the building on June 19th. A small batch brewery and taproom, the Roets Jordan Brewery, was in the process of moving into the space. Serious doubts have risen on whether they’ll get to stay.

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Duluth to Host Third Annual ‘All Pints North Summer Brew Fest’


Next month the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild is bringing some hoppy and malty cheer to America’s Best Outdoor Town; All Pints North Summer Brew Fest is returning to Duluth for a third year. With the heat of the summer in full swing, the “Air-Conditioned City” and Minnesota craft beer are perfect temptations for taking that weekend road-trip out of the metro.

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‘Brew at the Zoo’ Set to Return in August

Upside Down Wolverine Josh More

This wolverine had a few too many.

The consequences of a bunch of swivel-stepping beer nerds holding an after-hours drink-a-thon hasn’t dissuaded the Minnesota Zoo; in fact, the Apple Valley landmark is inviting them back. A spike in ape-on-ape stare downs, roaring contests and unnecessary hazings of the zoo’s metaphorically (and sometimes literally) flat-footed residents is on its way this August. Beer and animals, it rarely gets this good![Continue Reading]

Minnesota State Senate’s Party Lines Blur as Liquor Laws Take Center Stage

Growler Sales State Senate

On Monday the Teamsters Union nabbed an important win in their push-back against a popular provision to allow for Sunday growler sales in the Minnesota State Senate’s liquor bill. All hope (for beer-lovers) seemed lost as the provision was officially stripped in the Senate Tax Committee. It appeared destined to become yet another autumn election issue… at least it did until 25 Republicans and 18 DFLers decided to not play nice and resurrected it on the floor of the Senate.

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Teamsters Lobby Gets DFL Leaders to Quietly Kill Sunday Growler Sales From Liquor Bill

Teamsters Lobby Gets DFL Leaders to Quietly Kill Sunday Growler Sales from Liquor Bill

Most of the time I have to settle for covering stories that involve beer or politics, but once in a blue moon these two cosmic bodies (that I spend way too much time thinking about) align into something distinctly interesting. Yet somehow an under-reported sleeper of a story involving such things almost missed my attention. Unfortunately the scoop isn’t good: in short, the influential Teamsters Union has entered the “Sunday Liquor Sales Debate “on the wrong side.

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