Dusting Off the Past: An Interview with the Director of Theatre Unbound’s All-Female ‘Hamlet’

IMG_6876 In a theater town like Minneapolis, there is no shortage of Shakespeare. In just this fledgling year, I’ve seen productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, Titus Andronicus, and Henry IV Part I, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what was available. According to AmericanTheatre.org, the 450 year old playwright was not only the most produced during the 2014/2015 theater season (which, they point out, he is every season); he outperformed the next five most popular entries combined. Also I’m pretty sure they’re not counting community theaters, colleges, and Shakespeare in the park, which would only skew the numbers even more in the Bard’s favor.

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Why is Mayor Hodges Visiting the Coldest Major City in China… Now?

Harbin Ice City (Emma Gawen)

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and City Council Member John Quincy (Ward 11) are joining leaders from ‘Meet Minneapolis’ for a winter adventure in the heart of Manchuria. Though they’re not going halfway around the world for a vacation. They’re participating in a timely forum for cold cities to exchange ideas in Harbin (China’s eighth largest city).

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Reflections on “Pointergate”


The Twin Cities have been rocked by more than an arctic blast this November, the now infamous “#Pointergate” scandal has drawn national attention.

Questions have risen to the surface: How did KSTP (one of our local news stations) think it would be sensible to run a story indirectly accusing Mayor Betsy Hodges of standing in solidarity with North Minneapolis gangs? How is it acceptable for police officers to directly accuse the Mayor of standing in solidarity by pointing with her hand? As the momentum of outrage wilts away, I think the public is going to be forced to make a choice on the matter. Will the push be to get KSTP to apologize or will, as Hodges’ response itself has indicated, the lion’s share of the pressure go towards pushing for change in the policing of Minneapolis?

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Famous Minneapolis Grain Belt Beer Sign to Be Re-Illuminated

grain belt - premium sign - minneapolis

Grain Belt has been operating in Minnesota for 120 years now — this brand, which makes two of my favorite beers (Premium and Nordeast), has been a state-wide icon for decades now. Most Minnesota residents will recognize the famous beer sign picture above — this sign, which is situated on Nicollet Island right next to the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, has not be lit up in over 20 years. Well, that will no longer be the case.

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Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer – ‘Bauhaus Brew Labs’

Bag Toss  Board @ Bauhaus Brew Labs

Beer has always been important to us (Robert and Erik). Be it home-brewing, savoring a Bavarian masterpiece or just frothing our respective mustaches on pitchers of Hamms at a local dive bar, we think about, discuss and enjoy our ales and lagers all the time. So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce the first of (hopefully) many articles (and podcasts!) on Minnesotan breweries. Not enough is being said about Minnesota beer! It’s time to start navigating the yeasty, hoppy renaissance that is sweeping our state.

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Minneapolis Makes Room For Small Public Parks

parklets in minneapolis

If you happened to be driving around Minneapolis today by three specific street-side locations, you might have noticed the absence of a parking space and the addition of a “parklet.” The city unveiled their first three “parklets” today, very small, portable public parks that feature plants, tables and chairs for neighbors to gather.

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Duluth Takes Title as America’s Best Town

Duluth best place to live 2014

Minnesota has had good luck with its cities being named in the top cities around the country. Maybe it isn’t luck at all, but either way Duluth was named the best town in America by Outside magazine while Minneapolis was named third best. Although Duluth won the competition back in June, since Minnesota Connected didn’t cover the results, I had to brag about Minnesota a little bit more.

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‘The Floating Library’ Brings Books Offshore

Cedar Lake Floating Library

You’re out on the lake, soaking in the sun and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. The only thing missing? A good book. Luckily, the new project The Floating Library can give you just that.

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‘Downtown Festival’ Hits Minneapolis Sept 26-27


A newer traveling music festival is coming to Minneapolis this autumn. Downtown Festival is a newer event hosted by Downtown Records. The festival started in 2011 as a five year anniversary of Downtown Records and turned into a full-fledged touring event in 2013. This year Minneapolis is included as one of their five featured cities.

Signed onto Downtown Records are names you’ll recognize: Cyndi Lauper, Gnarls Barkley, Marilyn Manson, Santigold, Scissor Sisters, and much more. Downtown Records is a label under Red Distribution. Red Distribution’s other label artists will be featured at the Minneapolis Downtown Festival show.

The headliners at the festival include Future Island, Deafhaven, Nosaj Thing, Moon Boots, Russian Circles, Turquoise Jeep, Hippo Campus, Cakes Da Killa, and Stu Larsen. I have heard some of these artsists’ music on the Current. Although I find them very talented, I find it peculiar that no artists actually signed onto Downtown Records will be performing at the Minneapolis weekend show.


All shows will take place at the Skyway Theatre (and their multiple stages) on September 26 and 27, 2014. There are multiple ticket options: a general two day pass, a VIP two day pass, or single day passes. Prices range from $76 to $20.

Regardless of who these artists are signed for, the show will bring a fresh taste to the Minneapolis music scene. Minneapolis is a great place for innovative music and rising artists to showcase their tunes onto open0-minded listeners. That’s probably one of the main reasons why we were picked as one of the five chosen cities.


Images via: Downtown Festival — The Current


‘One Yoga’ — A Calm Place

One Yoga Calm Place

The writing on the front door of One Yoga says, “You are entering a calm place.” Sitting in a comfy chair with bare feet and the breeze blowing through the front door, I felt the truth of those words.

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