‘Circle of Design’ Returns for 2016

Circle of Design 2015

Circle of Design, the Minnesota fashion favorite runway show, will return in 2016 with a new exciting concept and fresh designers. On April 23rd, Minnesota Fashion Week will be infused with beautiful designs, compelling dance performances, and Circle of Design’s famed story-telling method of runway fashion.

The show next year will be hosted at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis at 7:00 pm and will include both men’s and women’s fashion, taking viewers through the day of the working man and woman and how their wardrobe changes day to night.

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‘Stromae’ @ Mill City Nights


Have you ever heard of Stromae ? I hadn’t until last year when I heard his most recent album Racine Carrée. I immediately fell in love with it, although I don’t know French at all, and that’s how the entire album is performed. His sound has a very dance-able aesthetic with a polished hip-hop styling.

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‘Figure’ & ‘Crizzly’ @ Mill City Nights

2013-10-25 22.11.24

When this show was originally announced, I had no intention of going even though I had been listening to Crizzly’s Crunkstep Volume 2: Back 2 Da Streets regularly, it wasn’t enough to convince me to get a ticket. But then the music blog, ThisSongisSick.com, had an offer that included a signed poster and the chance to meet the guys before the show, so I bought my ticket. I figured if anything, at least I’d get an autographed poster even if the show wasn’t great.  The lesson here is, if you ever want me to attend your event, just give me something with your signature on it, I’m easily swayed.

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‘DJ Shadow’ @ Mill City Nights

2013-05-03 07.03.42

Last December DJ Shadow was booted off the stage at Mansion Miami after only playing 20 minutes. He has since gone on tour promoting that mix called the ‘All Bases Covered’ tour.

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