Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer – Burning Brothers Brewing

A Half Pint at Burning Brothers Brewing

One recent start-up that has been gaining interest (and distribution) is Burning Brothers Brewing. Their specialty is gluten-free beer; not just gluten-free in the legal sense, but an actual zero parts per million sense. They do this by brewing in a completely gluten-free facility and by using sorghum, an ancient and drought hardy crop that has changed little through the modern era. We decided to pay them a visit.

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Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer — ‘Urban Growler’

The Shine of Stainless Steel at Urban Growler Brewery

The northwestern corner of St. Paul has followed the lead of nearby northeast Minneapolis and started brewing in earnest. The most notable of these newcomers is Urban Growler; Jill Pavlak and Deb Loch (who is famous among home-brewers for her accolades in beer competition) established this St. Anthony Park brewery over the past summer.

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St. Paul Drivers: A Hidden Obstacle for the Green Line

Light-rail operater navigates University Avenue - Photo by Michael Hicks

Light-rail operater navigates University Avenue – Photo by Michael Hicks

The worst drivers of our great state are on the prowl in St. Paul. It’s a proven fact! There’s a convergence of confusing non-grid-like streets, funky intersections and poor winter-time plowing. The great Pigseye secret is that locals don’t follow the suggestions of their own traffic signals. The Green Line is learning this the hard way.

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