Movie Review – Despite a Familiar Plot, ‘Alien: Covenant’ is a Worthy Installment

danny mcbride katherine waterston
has always been one of those hallmark, eye-opening sci-fi movies, not just for its frights but also how it stretched the genre. It’s been decades since the first movie hit theaters and now we’ve had multiple installments. Of those movies, I would argue only three are good: Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus. All the others are either bad or just plain awful.

Alien: Covenant essentially improves on the flaws of Prometheus, uses a tried and true formula that works, and ratchets up the gross and violent scare factor, making it all-in-all a pretty solid film with a horrible Achilles heel; It depends too greatly on past plots and formulas, making it feel like a rehash of all the things we’ve seen in the past. They’re just done better this time.

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Movie Review — ‘Steve Jobs’ is a Relatively Boring Three Act Play


Aaron Sorkin is one of most renowned writers of drama and dialogue in Hollywood today. His 2010 script for The Social Network was one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past 20 years. The dialogue is electric, the pacing of the film is perfect and the duration is never boring. Yet, going into Steve Jobs with high expectations, I left the theater nothing but disappointed.

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