Twins Home Attendance in 2015: How Low Will it Go?

Target Field - 2014 - Matthew Deery

2010 was a sweet summer for the Minnesota Twins and their fans.

Target Field opened and the return of outdoor baseball seemed to have everyone in town excited. The Twins went 94-68 — including a 53-28 record at their new grassy, un-domed home — during the regular season. They won the American League Central and Ron Gardenhire was honored with a Manager of the Year award that was long overdue.

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Metrodome’s Blue Seats Find New Life in Minnesota High School


Do you remember that giant, white, inflatable, multi-sport stadium that used to house our Twins and Vikings (and occasional Monster Truck Rallies)?

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The Famous Blue Metrodome Seats Go on Sale

Metrodome Seats for Sale - 2013 - Blue Seats - $60

At long last, Minnesota Vikings, Twins, and Gophers Football fans can get their hands on some of those stark blue, plastic, Metrodome seats. The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has put the Albrecht Sign Company in Fridley in charge of the sale of the seats, and getting your hands on one of these treasures might be easier than you think. Most seats cost $60 a piece (plus tax), with special request seats running at $80 a pop.

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Extra Security Set For Final Metrodome Football Game

Metrodome - Minneapolis - Last Game - 2013

When the Vikings played their final game at Metropolitan Stadium on December 20, 1981, the stadium personnel faced a riot crowd ready to steal whatever they could to get their hands on so they could cherish the Met after it was gone. Nine people were arrested as a horde stormed the field, tore down the goal posts, ripped out end zone speakers, and even broke off pieces of the scoreboard. Metrodome authorities are determined to prevent that from happening again, so for this Sunday’s final Vikings game under the dome ever, extra security will be on hand to keep looters at bay.

UPDATE: The blue Metrodome seats are now on sale — no need to try and rip one out of the foundation.

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Many Less Than Memorable Pieces of the Metrodome For Sale

Metrodome Baggie - For Sale

When thinking about an auction of pieces of the Metrodome, many items within the soon-to-be demolished structure would come to mind. Maybe a seat in the stadium, maybe your favorite seat, maybe a piece of the turf, maybe a base from the Metrodome’s baseball heydays, or even a piece of the rubble after the structure is demolished — those would be worthwhile pieces of memorabilia from the stadium. Heck, I could even see someone coveting one of those long troughs from the men’s bathrooms. So far, the state-run auction of Metrodome memorabilia has little worth looking into — but are there better items to come?

UPDATE: The famous, and very “comfortable,” Metrodome seats are now on sale.

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