Two Months Left Before Twin Cities are Connected by Light-Rail

Light Rail Metropolitan Council

Did you know Minneapolis and St. Paul came into existence and grew up largely independent of each other? They are truly twins, born because of the same Mississippi River but for different reasons (St. Paul for river trade and Minneapolis for water-powered mills). This is one of the reasons why the two cities have such distinctly different cultures. Their two downtowns just happen to be a short drive apart; but soon they will be bound by light-rail as well.

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Confused About the Southwest Light-Rail? ‘Choo Choo Bob’ to the Rescue!

Choo Choo Bob and Friends (Southwest Light Rail Explained)

Choo Choo Bob might have his foundations on the St. Paul side of things, but he certainly knows how to explain a Minneapolis problem. I couldn’t fully understand all the proposals regarding the Southwest Light-Rail project until I reviewed a stack of maps, charts, graphs and local complaints; but for anyone looking to learn about the issue at this late juncture, it’s extremely easy thanks to our train-fanatic friend across the river!

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