Kiehl’s Kicks Off National LifeRide for amfAR at Mall of America Store

The Foundation for AIDS Research is kicking off their 8th annual charity event, this time around kicking off with a few celebrity motorcyclist appearances. The “Road to Nashville, will be an eight day, multiple state, charitable motorcycle journey from Minnesota down to Tennessee. All of this is to raise money and awareness to battle AIDS.

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Mall of America to Close on Thanksgiving — Sorry Black Friday Shoppers

mall of american to close on Thanksgiving - 2016

I am one of those people who enjoys going out for a bit on Black Friday — my wife and I usually spend a few hours in the afternoon stopping at a few stores and grabbing some early Christmas presents.

I find it so ironic how, literally one day after people say “thanks” for all they have, it’s a feeding frenzy at retail stores for the “marked down” consumer products as people fight for more.

Though I enjoy the time with my wife on these days, I will never fully understand the craziness that surrounds Black Friday. The hordes of ravaged shoppers, the merciless fighting, the absurd lines starting outside stores days before Black Friday, it’s just too much. I understand getting a great deal on a TV, but at what cost? A dinner with your family on Thanksgiving? Hours of your life waiting in line? Your dignity as you fight people off for the latest gizmo?

In recent years, the trend has gotten to be even worse, with many stores now having their “Black Friday” sales start on Thursday — as you all know, that isn’t just some regular Thursday, it’s Thanksgiving. I don’t really care if people are crazy enough to want to shop on Thanksgiving at 5 p.m., but I do care for the poor retail employees who are forced to work because of those crazy people.

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‘Sharks After Dark’ at Mall of America

sea life minnesota sharks after dark

If you like fishies and other sea creatures, in just a week, you’ll be able to see all sorts of aquatic creatures accompanied by a lot more fun.

The soon-to-be expanded Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America is hosting an event called “Sharks After Dark” on Nov. 7, starting at 9 p.m. and ending at midnight. The $35 event includes a nacho bar, drink specials and a DJ. There will also be prizes and a scavenger hunt among other activities. Given the time of day for this event, and the activities, you can surmise this isn’t really an event for kids — though you should bring your kids back during the daytime (it’s a slam dunk fun time for kids).

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Six Mall of America Developments

mall of america expansion - 2015 - entrance

Despite news of more international competition stepping onto the scene, Minnesota’s Mall of America is not slowing down. New stores, restaurants and even a multi-stage expansion are combining to make a perfect buzz-storm for the tourist hot-spot.[Continue Reading]

‘Ladies and Gentleman… The Beatles’ at Mall of America

beatles 2

The 1960’s belonged to four guys from Liverpool. John, Paul, George and Ringo invaded the United States, winning the hearts of throngs of fans en route to becoming one of the most influential sounds in the history of music.

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Mall of America’s Hopes of Regaining Supremacy Dashed! Meet Dubai’s ‘Mall of the World’

Mall of the Emirates- Peijian Huang

The Mall of the Emirates, existing mega-mall in the United Arab Emirates – Peijian Huang

Minnesota invented the indoor mall concept out of necessity. Then we built the Mall of America for the sake of tourism. But sometimes a good idea can get a little warped when others try to copy it.

Take the King of Prussia Mall for example, it’s just a commercial space that kept getting added onto; its two separate hubs are currently being connected so it can all be under one roof (and for a brief moment be bigger than the MOA, before Phase II of course). The West Edmonton Mall is the biggest in North America, yet receives almost 10 million less visitors per year than our Minnesota landmark. Worst of all, the New South China Mall (world’s largest mall until presumably the MOA’s doubling expansion) of Dongguan, which after being mostly vacant for a decade, has only recently shown signs of life.

Despite these odd and rather failed attempts to surpass Minnesota ingenuity, plans for an eclipsing edifice of epic proportions has stepped onto the scene.

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The Mall of America Has Everything! Even a Zipline!

mall of america - nicklodeon universe expansion

The Mall of America is making plans to upgrade the attractions in its Nickelodeon Universe theme park this summer (in addition to their other expansion plans). Things are looking up as the park plans to install a zipline, which will be suspended 55 feet in the air and run about 405 feet long.

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Two Months Left Before Twin Cities are Connected by Light-Rail

Light Rail Metropolitan Council

Did you know Minneapolis and St. Paul came into existence and grew up largely independent of each other? They are truly twins, born because of the same Mississippi River but for different reasons (St. Paul for river trade and Minneapolis for water-powered mills). This is one of the reasons why the two cities have such distinctly different cultures. Their two downtowns just happen to be a short drive apart; but soon they will be bound by light-rail as well.

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“Groundbreaking” at MOA — Expansion Facts and Figures

moa breaks groud on expansion

On Tuesday, ground was officially broken on the Mall of America’s most recent expansion…

Well, no. Not really.

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Did You Know… The Mall of America Has No Central Heating?

mall of america

Monday was the 50th day of the 2013 – 14 winter that included subzero temps, as thermometers throughout the Twins Cities registered lows bottoming out at 10 degrees south of nil.

-10 degrees on March 3rd? Ugh. Tough winter.

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