Russell Westbrook Eyes 55-Year Old Triple-Double Record

Last year, Golden State Warrior superstar Steph Curry launched an individual offensive display of historical significance, making 402 3-point field goals during the regular season while shooting a highly accurate 45.4% from behind the arc. This total bested the previous record (set by Curry the year before) by a remarkable 116 and really is a ridiculous outlier stat no matter how you look at it.

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You Won’t Be Missed Kevin Love

kevin love-traded

I for one am one of those people who initially liked Kevin Love when he was drafted all those years ago — he was a scoring and rebound machine and he seemed to have the potential to pull the Wolves franchise off the snide. But as the team worked toward the past few seasons with the glimmer of hope it would be “the year” the Wolves made it back to the postseason, the team never delivered. (Love also missed extended time in one season because of “knuckle pushups.”)

It’s hard to dispute that the Wolves have had competitive rosters over those seasons, but still no playoff push from any of the teams. Although Love isn’t entirely to blame, I’ll make the argument that he was the best player on the squad and undisputed team leader, so most of the blame falls on his shoulders. That considered, hearing of his trade to Cleveland, goodbye Kevin Love, good riddance, you will not be missed by this Timberwolves fan.

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