Winter Trout Season Arrives in Minnesota


In most instances, when you go ice fishing at 6:30 a.m. in January, only the serious fishermen will be on the ice to join you.

Then there is the winter trout-fishing opener on Courthouse Lake in Chaska.

The annual event, which this year occurred on Saturday, Jan. 17, allows winter anglers the opportunity to pull trout – in some cases, extremely large trout – through the ice. When my two friends and I visited the lake this year, we were amazed to see hundreds, literally hundreds of ice houses decorating that lake prior to 7 a.m., with the crack of dawn still an hour away. As we approached the lake that morning, the hum of motorized ice augers spun through the pleasantly-warm air. Well, pleasantly warm for Minnesota in January, that is.

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Record Breaking Fish? Or Law Breaking Fisherman? Both.


How much would you pay for the experience of having a world record-sized fish on the other end of your ice fishing line?

$100? $1000?

On Tuesday, the Pioneer Press reported Crane Lake resident Rob Scott ended up paying $475 for that thrilling opportunity — $400 in fines, plus $75 in court costs.

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Ice Likely to Come Off Late This Year — Still Use Caution

Ice Melt Fishing Minnesota

Ice fishing fanatics may have actually enjoyed this winter’s bitter coldness; the ice is darn thick on quite a few lakes still. But even though Minnesota’s been having quite a few thaw-less days doesn’t mean that the ice is still in pristine condition.

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Smaller Metro Lakes Easy For Ice Fishing

Joe- Ice fishing-square lake - bennett lake - minnesota - 2014

Though many of the larger lakes near the Twin Cities, such as Minnetonka and White Bear, are praised for their quality fishing when ice covered, a plethora of small, easily-accessible lakes are suited for the more humble fisherman.

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