Does Your Outrage Over Cecil the Lion Make Sense?


I think hunting is stupid.

I mean, I have many friends and family members who hunt, and I don’t have any ethical qualms about hunting in general. In fact, there seem to be plenty of circumstances where hunting could be seen as a “good” thing — where the hunted animal will serve to provide necessary food, clothing, etc. for the hunter — where the species being hunted is detrimentally overpopulating an area, or directly threatening the human population.

I just happen to think violently destroying living creatures with arrows and bullets for no other reason apart from “sport” is a massively stupid and unnecessary thing that ought to be avoided by thinking humans. Moreover, even calling hunting a “sport” is a bit of a reach by any definition. Sports typically involve competitors being matched against one another in circumstances that favor neither. Hunting, on the other hand, gives one guy a high powered rifle and a tree stand while the other gets only some sharp claws and teeth. Or antlers. Hunting is a sport in the same way that baseball would be a sport if one team wasn’t allowed to use bats…

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Conservative Deer Hunting Season for 2014

DNR Deer Hunting Zone Map 2014

A harsh winter and an abundance of hunter concerns have led Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to reduce the number of deer that will be taken this year. In some areas (like the one I hunt in) the option to buy a second tag (or bonus permit) is no longer on the table; other zones have changed from “hunter choice” (one deer of either gender) to “lottery” (random selection of doe tags for those who apply between August 1st and September 4th). The most notable change however, is the conversion of the entire northeastern part of the state to antler only (with no option, even for archers, to take antler-less).

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Minnesota’s Hunting Season Gears Up Once Again

Minnesota Hunting Season

Nothing beats sipping a hot cup of joe, while wearing your favorite boots, donning your favorite color and being with your best friend on a crisp Minnesota morning. And while local hipsters will be reminded of pumpkin spiced lattes and their favorite hoodie from Urban Outfitters, a scene like this also excites a different breed of Minnesotan: the hunter. For a few fleeting weeks blaze orange and camo will once again be the trending clothing options. Men and women alike will begin talking about their bow or their gun the way they talk about their spouse. And many first time hunters will experience the thrill of their first hunt. November is a magical time for Minnesotans for a multitude of reasons, but to forget hunting as a major reason for that magic, no one would dare.

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