Some of the Truth Behind Artificial Food Coloring

It has been said that in taking great risk, one can reap an even greater reward. Most would assume we would be discussing an investment in the stock exchange or a bet at the high-stakes table. However, I am referring to the investment we make into the lives of our children.

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding roles one can hold, yet it encompasses all the great challenges in life. Today, parents are faced with countless decisions for their children. The simplistic days of white or wheat are long gone. We are now learning how to decipher mysterious ingredient labels that are comprised of shelf-life stabilizers, genetically modified ingredients and artificial food dyes (to name a few). This complex world of food can confuse even the most seasoned parent.

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Planning Ahead For the Holiday Weight Gains


Early planning and preparation can help you succeed through and beyond the holidays. According to one study, the average holiday weight gain was just under a pound, but the cumulative effect can negatively impact health.

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The Proverbial Cheat Meal: What is it? How Does it Work? How Can it be Effective?


Cheating. Whether it’s in sport, relationships or life, the word itself almost always carries a negative, even hurtful, connotation. And when it comes to meeting your fitness goals, cheating — on your diet, your workouts, and your food journals — can feel like a betrayal to yourself. Why work so hard, if you are only going to undermine your efforts with a cookie, or two — or five? But what if cheating was actually somehow good for you? What if taking a break from discipline can actually help you in the long run?

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Understanding Food Labels and Their Terminology


Let’s say you are trying to shop healthier for your family. You head out to the store for your weekly shopping trip, determined to come home with some healthier alternatives to the items in your pantry. However, when you get to the store, you find a multitude of products with different labels. Trying to determine which may be the best one to try is not always that easy. Products don’t just yell out from the aisles, “I’m the healthiest one! Buy ME!”

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Breaking Down Fitness Goals Into Manageable Milestones


It’s Grandma’s Marathon. The Boston Marathon. Maybe even the IRONMAN. What do the these major events have in common? They are big, audacious goals that are achieved by putting one foot in front of the other. Many will never achieve them. Some have. Some will. While others will do so over and over again! What do these competitors say when they are asked how they accomplished the seemingly impossible? Focus on the present and set intermediate goals. Sports Psychology research leads us to the same reasoning. Setting intermediate or “process goals” are vastly superior to the big, audacious ones.

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Fuel Your Body After You Train

turkey sandwich

Do you find yourself wondering what to eat after a run or other training workout? There is so much information out there on what to eat pre and post workout. How do you determine what to do to get the most out of your workout by refueling it properly? This can be a simple strategy of combining the right food categories to get the most out of your nutrition and training.

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Five Benefits From Better Nutrition


I have found five (although there are many more) main reasons eating the right ratios and portions of food nutrients benefit you.

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Top Five Ways to Stay Motivated

health and wellness

“Surround yourself with those who challenge you, push you, and motivate you”

Motivation — it is something we all want to have, but something that can easily evade us! Motivation is like a muscle, and you need to practice strengthening it through a regular routine. Whatever your daily ritual is, make sure it encourages you to stay committed to your goals. Sounds easier said than done right? However, if you have a clear visualization of the specific things you are working toward you will be able to successfully ignite that motivation within to stay on track! Try using these five ways to stay motivated.

1.     Set specific and measureable goals for yourself

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Tips For Your Success at Year’s End


Fitness season is upon us! When the Christmas lights go up, so does our awareness for the end of the year, which means we are making resolutions and carving out a new outlook for the New Year! People will be flocking back to their gym memberships for the post-New Year’s rush with hopes of being more committed than ever.

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Measles Case Confirmed at the University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Measles

A student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities has been confirmed to have contracted a case of measles. University students were sent an email informing them of the case.

The university was told by state and county health officials about the occurrence of the viral disease Brooks Jackson, M.D., the Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School said in the statement.

About 93% of Minnesota’s kindergartners have the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, which the CDC says is 95% effective, but the student in question had two doses of the vaccine the state health department told FOX. It seems to be just an unfortunate case.

The email to students stated:

“University students, faculty, and staff who have been immunized against measles are not at risk, and the University population is highly immunized due to enrollment requirements. However, because measles is highly infectious among those who have not been vaccinated, the University is sharing this information as a precaution. Any faculty or staff members who have not been vaccinated for measles and who have concerns about exposure should contact their health care provider. Students with concerns can contact Boynton Health Service.”

The 20-year-old student had been abroad and is now isolated away from the school while he recovers.

“The ill student had recently returned from international travel, and is now self-isolating off campus while recovering. Prior to being diagnosed, the student attended classes from January 20 through January 23 on the East Bank, and had visited the University Recreation and Wellness Center on the evening of January 20.”

Symptoms of the highly contagious disease include rash, fever and occasionally cough or runny nose. Fever usually leads to symptoms which appear about  8-12 days after exposure to the virus. You can also visit the Minnesota Department of Health website at the recommendation of the school for more information about measles.


Photo by: Michael Hicks