Calm Down: Cheerios’ Prince Tweet Was Dumb But Not Offensive

prince dead at 57

Last Thursday, after Prince’s untimely death, outrage from the Twittersphere forced Cheerios to remove a tribute tweet and issue an apology as the world moved a step closer to becoming a soulless vacuum of tepid hypersensitivity.

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Annie’s Homegrown vs. General Mills: Is It Ownership or Regulation?


It is easy to find the very clear, yet invisible, line drawn between consumers’ stance on the recent General Mill’s $82 million Annie’s Homegrown acquisition. A simple stroll through the web will all at once land you in a pile of consumer outcry and applause. You can find simple words of thanks and praise for hopes of affordability and great availability down to petitions of protest and disgust surrounding Annie’s “sell out” betrayal.

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General Mills Says Goodbye to Shirley Temple

General Mills Says Goodbye to Shirley Temple - Wheaties Box - 2nd most

General Mills will not be forgetting their “spokes kid,” Shirley Temple, from the 1930’s promotions they had with the child star. The Minnesota-based company is honoring her with a tribute to her passing on February 10, in her Woodside California home. Temple was 85.

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