‘Circle of Design’ Returns for 2016

Circle of Design 2015

Circle of Design, the Minnesota fashion favorite runway show, will return in 2016 with a new exciting concept and fresh designers. On April 23rd, Minnesota Fashion Week will be infused with beautiful designs, compelling dance performances, and Circle of Design’s famed story-telling method of runway fashion.

The show next year will be hosted at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis at 7:00 pm and will include both men’s and women’s fashion, taking viewers through the day of the working man and woman and how their wardrobe changes day to night.

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‘Circle of Design 2015’ Exceeds Expectations

FIN sur FIN look 2

Circle of Design 2014 began with a powerful presence. The lights dimmed as JLW Productions dance crew took to the stage and kicked off the show with a beautifully choreographed dance to Lorde’s chilling rendition of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” The dance- though only a few minutes long, which incorporated costume changes, the use of props, and the engagement of the audience. It was a compelling performance that set the stage and expectation for an incredible show.

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Kat Von D Launches Her Beauty Website


Katherine Von Drachenberg, better known as Kat Von D, is a world-famous tattoo artist who burst onto the mainstream stage in 2007, when TLC made her the star of the television series called L.A. Ink. She started as a mere tattoo artist, but quickly transformed herself into a entrepreneur, building herself an empire including her own tattoo shop (High Voltage), an art gallery (Wonderland L.A.), a clothing line and much more. In 2008, Kat began what was to become a long and very successful partnership with the cosmetics company Sephora. What started as a simple make up line has expanded to include fragrances, foundations, and much more. Each year Kat releases a new collection with Sephora and each year the variety of products grows and is enriched.

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Six Mall of America Developments

mall of america expansion - 2015 - entrance

Despite news of more international competition stepping onto the scene, Minnesota’s Mall of America is not slowing down. New stores, restaurants and even a multi-stage expansion are combining to make a perfect buzz-storm for the tourist hot-spot.[Continue Reading]

Do People Really Hate Cargo Shorts?

cargo short debate

Now that school is starting back up, you’ve probably picked out your outfits for the first week or so of school, right? Maybe not, but likely your first day (I did).

If you’re hanging out with college age friends as often as I am, you’re almost guaranteed to hear about someone getting ribbed over their wardrobe choice, especially if they’re going out on the weekend.

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‘Circle of Design’ Fashion Show Amazes Guests

Shelly Gensmer and Jeremiah Lewis-Walker of JLW Productions

Jeremiah Lewis-Walker of JLW Productions and Shelly Gensmer

Leading up to Friday, April 18th, the buzz surrounding the Circle of Design fashion show was mounting. When the doors of the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel opened, expectations were high. After all, with designers such as Samantha Rei, Gina Marie, and Stacie Vanags of FIN Sur FIN, and with household name Christopher Straub as host and emcee, we were certainly in for a good show, right?

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Review — ‘Ballet Of The Dolls’ Energizes and Entertains

ballet of the dolls 1

This was an anonymous submission from one of our readers.

Known for his outrageous take on style and runway, Grant Whitaker once again graced the stage literally and figuratively for the 5th Annual Fashion Ball, a fundraiser performed by Ballet of the Dolls at the historic Ritz Theatre.

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‘The Secret Garden’ Flower Show at Macy’s in Minneapolis

secret-garden Flower Show Macy's

My dear readers, I know that winter has continued wearing on everyone’s sanity so I will keep offering you news of spring-themed events as medicine. Minneapolis is among a select handful of cities that annually hosts Macy’s Flower Show in its fullest form. This flowery tradition has lasted for more than half a century (a long time ago it was Dayton’s department store that did it), but this year it couldn’t have arrived at a better time! With the highs struggling to climb above freezing as April approaches, fresh leaves and vibrant flowers are exactly what our senses need.

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‘Dressing Room Dojo’ Offers Designers Clothing at Discount Prices

Dressing Room Dojo - Lakeville - Now Open

Shelly Gensmer had a dream that someday, she could perfect the thrift shop recipe and create an amazing boutique. Four months ago, she made that dream a reality and opened Dressing Room Dojo in Lakeville, MN. Not only does Dressing Room Dojo offer thrift shop prices, but also offers styling services and closet clean-outs by appointment as well. Each item is examined in person by Shelly or a member of her friendly staff, and cleaned before it is placed in the store.

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Fashion’s Latest Trend — Stiletto Nails

Lana Del Rey - Stiletto Nails

When ‘stiletto nails’ first burst onto the scene, I was baffled. I wondered, what could be the appeal of having unnaturally long nails that come to a point? I figured they would be a minor fad that would shortly fade out. However, the trend grew, as did my interest in them. I began to wonder where this style came from, assuming it was a new fashion creation because I didn’t remember ever seeing them around before. However, upon further research I discovered that the trend wasn’t new at all. In fact, the first case of a celebrity donning ‘pointy nails’ was as early as the 1950s, when Maila Nurmi wore her stiletto nails extraordinarily long to portray her popular character, Vampira.

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