Movie Review – ‘Cars 3’ Desperately Tries Not to be Cars 2

cars 3

If you haven’t been brought up to speed over the last eleven years of Cars history, I’ll help you out. The Cars movie only exists to sell toys. And if you’re parent, it’s likely you know this pretty well by now. Pixar makes bank selling Lightning McQueen and Mater toys. However, as a film franchise, it’s one of the worst Pixar properties in their long and successful film history. Of all their movies, Cars 2 is the only critically panned Pixar film to date.

Usually, when a sequel gets panned, a studio ends it and moves on. But since Cars is a merchandising cash cow, it was only inevitable they’d release the third installment and make it a trilogy. As a side note, it’s a little sad their worst property has a trilogy before The Incredibles. But I digress.

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What Does a Man Like Victor Barnard Ask of Parents?

Undated photo with Victor Barnard and his "Maidens"

Undated photo with Victor Barnard and his “Maidens”

The news of Victor Barnard, the Finlayson “Pastor” (more like cult leader), has settled upon Minnesota for a solid week. He’s accused of 59 counts of child molestation and the manhunt continues for him in Washington state (he fled there when the investigation of him began in earnest in 2012).

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