Why Today’s Brexit Vote in the UK Matters

Vote Leave Protestors - by Garry Knight

Many Americans will hear the word “Brexit” for the first time today. No, it’s not the name of some newly concocted stock index or a must-try low-calorie cereal; it’s in fact the term used to describe United Kingdom leaving (or potentially leaving) the European Union.

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Don’t Blame Obama for the Ukraine Situation — Blame the European Union

European Union to blame for Ukraine

Russian aggression in Ukraine has provided yet another theater for political mudslinging in Washington D.C. As per usual, more energy has been spent pinning the blame across the aisle than offering up concrete solutions. Some Republicans fault Obama for being too soft while a handful of Democrats regard the problem as a general weariness in foreign policy caused by the recently concluded Iraq War. Both have (to a degree) a point, but the arguments show just how insular and Amerocentric our elected officials are; like so many of us, they believe the United States carries the world on our shoulders and by our mistakes the International Community suffers.

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