Despite Internet Backlash, Ellen’s Usain Bolt Tweet Wasn’t Racist

usain bolt - worlds fastest man

The Rio Olympics came to an end on Sunday, capping an interesting Olympiad which included mysterious color-changing pools, fake robberies and, despite Donald Trump’s continued claim we don’t win anymore, utter medal count domination by the United States of America.

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The 86th Academy Awards — Did This Gala Restore My Hope in Award Shows?

ellen-degeneres-oscars-2014- host

“Hopefully the Oscars in March will restore what little hope is left in award show entertainment.”

This was the last line in my January article about the Grammy’s — I was left a little less than impressed with the music awards show. I won’t belabor the points, but if you want a refresher, click the link above. So, with a mixture of excitement and worry, I sat on the couch with my wife and a pizza on Sunday evening and turned on the Oscars — what I witnessed was astounding.

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Food Filled With Harmful Additives — What Are We Dumping Into Our Bodies?


Ellen Degeneres’ fans are without a doubt the most enthusiastic and animated fans out there. They are beyond thrilled to be called upon for comical games and crowd-pleasing antics. Not only are we entertained by Ellen’s delightful sarcasm, we have found great pleasure in the audience members and TV viewers who love the show. One of the the show’s most enthusiastic audience members, Marisa, who starred in a live commercial for the Food Should Taste Good chips, was no exception to this exuberant joy. Although Ellen’s intent was to endorse the Food Should Taste Good chips and snacks, the underlying information behind the comedy was elemental in highlighting our knowledge of our mainstream food ingredients.

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