A Very Special Birthday: Torching America’s Best Transit System

All in all, June 19th, 1954, was a crazy day. Maybe surreal was a better word.

A regular at the Brass Rail bar on Hennepin sauntered outside and had to do a double take at the passing rail car. Could it be? That sure looked like Hubert Humphrey, our famous senator wearing a Twin Cities Rapid Transit (TCRT) motorman’s cap and driving the eight carriage Oak-Harriet street car toward St. Paul. And as the trailing cars swoosh past, they are filled with well-dressed civic leaders dining on chicken salad over white table cloth tables. The bar patron shook his head and darted back in the bar to get another drink and regain his bearings.

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The Donald is Coming to Town August 19 — Trump References Minnesota’s Somali Community During Maine Speech

Trump-presidential candidate

According to the local CBS affiliate, the circus known as the Donald Trump presidential campaign comes to our home state in less than two weeks. On August 19, Trump will hold a “major fundraiser” with tickets going for up to $100k a piece.

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Gopher Fans Ride the Rails of Time

Como Harriet Minn Transport Museum

It was almost midnight September 2nd as thousands of Gopher football fans streamed to the Green Line rail platforms. Metro Transit lined up trains like cord wood. Not that the riders minded the short wait. An orange crescent moon presided over a glorious summer night and temps were still in the mid-seventies. Indeed, the sound of the train horns could easily lead the mind to wander and reminisce: Were we dreaming or did this scene happen before?

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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2016: It’s Time to Get Countrified

superbowl country halftime

It’s time to bring country music back to the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The stage has most recently filled by some of pop music’s biggest stars such Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Katy Perry most recently. It’s also been filled by legends like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. But it’s time to bring the twang back.

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The Commercialized Christmas Season and Christian Faith

christmas tree

With Christmas around the corner, it is painstakingly obvious how commercialized our values have become. Certainly our nation is a country of many nationalities and religious backgrounds with a seemingly never-ending controversy over the labeling of holidays like Christmas or Easter, as it forcibly imposes one religion upon another.

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What Are We Going to Do About College Costs?

student-debtMany of us know the story. College was supposed to be an opportunity for folks to better their situations. Instead, rising levels of student loan debt and a shortage of good jobs make a four year education more of a financial burden than the fulfillment of “The American Dream.” Many parents cannot save up the astronomical sums colleges charge in tuition, and the FAFSA “expected family contributions” often add insult to injury.

Enter, high interest government student loans. Enter, $60,000+ worth of debt for an underemployed new graduate to pay. It’s a tough problem, and everyone, from politicians to the colleges themselves, is trying to make changes for the better.

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College is Too Expensive… Here Are Some Simple Ways to Combat Rising Costs

college tuition

When it comes to higher education, it seems like all we hear about is the rising cost of tuition — in today’s economy paying for college can be extremely difficult and expensive. Most students are forced to take out thousands of dollars in loans to help offset the cost of college while others skip secondary school all together.

Although some students take on part-time and full-time jobs while in school, there are others who aren’t able to work. Not having a steady income in school can be hard, hence the term “starving students.” As a college student, I know the struggle of being broke all too well — but my struggle in college has also taught me creative ways to make money. Just because you don’t have a traditional job doesn’t mean you have to be broke. It’s a good idea to figure out what you’re good at and what people will pay for your talents. Making a little extra money on the side can also help you pay for tuition.

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Being ‘Just Friends’ Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

friend zone

There are worse feelings than finding out that special someone doesn’t share the same romantic feelings for you, but it’s still not a great feeling. And having it happen to you multiple times can hurt your confidence as well, but it’s not the end of the world. This revelation could lead you to either sever ties with this person or begin a very meaningful friendship.

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Amazon Launches eBook Program, AKA Your Nearest Public Library


As someone who spends most of her free time reading, I was initially excited to see that Amazon was launching a Netflix for eBooks: Kindle Unlimited. Sure, I have a library card, but a suburban county library can hardly compare with the 600,000 eBooks Amazon will have available. Plus, you’d never have to wait on hold for popular books. And all for just $9.99 a month.

It all sounds like a great idea, and a great deal, right? But after a bit of  research, I’ve found it’s not quite as great as it sounds.

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FCC Extends Time for Internet Users to Comment on ‘Net Neutrality’ Until Friday

Net neutrality

Net neutrality is one of the biggest issues facing America today — the loss of net neutrality could lead to the widespread destruction of the Internet as we know it. But many Internet users are not going down without a fight.

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of traffic on its website, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has extended the first deadline for comments on the newly-proposed Internet traffic rules to Friday, July 18, at midnight.

The traffic in question includes almost 680,000 comments left by everyone from lawmakers to ordinary citizens, according to Yahoo News.

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