Mall of America’s Hopes of Regaining Supremacy Dashed! Meet Dubai’s ‘Mall of the World’

Mall of the Emirates- Peijian Huang

The Mall of the Emirates, existing mega-mall in the United Arab Emirates – Peijian Huang

Minnesota invented the indoor mall concept out of necessity. Then we built the Mall of America for the sake of tourism. But sometimes a good idea can get a little warped when others try to copy it.

Take the King of Prussia Mall for example, it’s just a commercial space that kept getting added onto; its two separate hubs are currently being connected so it can all be under one roof (and for a brief moment be bigger than the MOA, before Phase II of course). The West Edmonton Mall is the biggest in North America, yet receives almost 10 million less visitors per year than our Minnesota landmark. Worst of all, the New South China Mall (world’s largest mall until presumably the MOA’s doubling expansion) of Dongguan, which after being mostly vacant for a decade, has only recently shown signs of life.

Despite these odd and rather failed attempts to surpass Minnesota ingenuity, plans for an eclipsing edifice of epic proportions has stepped onto the scene.

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