A Case Against Disney Cartoon Remakes

Originally, I was going to write up a review about the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action remake, but the more I considered it, the more I realized it was better to take a different direction.

The Beauty and the Beast remake is essentially a frame-for-frame copy of the cartoon. That isn’t to say that changes weren’t made, but overall, the cartoon to live-action transfer is fully complete to ignite millennial nostalgia. It’s a gorgeous CGI-display of Emma Watson’s Beauty prancing in the open fields and Dan Steven’s Beast growling and mostly being angry until he’s not supposed to be anymore. Musical lovers will gush at all the wonderfully choreographed singing and dancing scenes and Disney fanatics will be perfectly happy accepting this newly repackaged gift. In other words, there’s nothing I’m going to tell you that will change your mind about seeing Beauty and the Beast, with one exception.

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Movie Review — ‘Divergent’ Falls Short of Expectations

divergent-movie review - MN Connected

As a fan of the sci-fi and action-adventure genres, a friend recommended a popular trilogy from an author named Veronica Roth — the first book is titled Divergent. I was essentially shunned from the look my friend gave me when I said I had never heard of said book trilogy. So, after whipping through all three installments in just one month, I was ecstatic to find out it was being made into this big blockbuster franchise. After a long month of waiting, I got the chance to see the film last week. I’m not sure if I had too high of expectations (as I usually do when I am really excited about a movie), but I left the theater disappointed and a little confused.

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The Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2014

most anticipated movies of 2014 - mockingjay

Film fanatics are gearing up for a huge year of movies in 2014. This year will see the release of numerous sequels to huge franchises, as well as some exciting new films that are starting to get a lot of buzz.

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