Movie Review – Affleck Stretches Himself Too Thin in ‘Live by Night’

It’s hard to deny that after years out in the desert of bad movies, Ben Affleck has returned like a phoenix, winning the hearts of movie-goers and critics alike. Even with the recent flop of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck still rose above with a stellar portrayal of Bruce Wayne. However, with every victorious comeback there’s the liability of ego and with Live by Night, Affleck stretches himself too thin, producing, directing, writing, and acting. While there’s plenty to like, the bland main character and quiet acting by Affleck ultimately can’t hold up the long and intricate story.

Live by Night follows Joe Coughlin (Affleck) after he returns fighting in World War I and has had enough of people telling him what to do. Putting together a group of gangsters, Coughlin holds up banks and underground casinos in Prohibition-era Boston. After a run in with the Irish mob, Coughlin heads down to Florida to set up shop and faces off against the local competition.

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Movie Review — ‘Inherent Vice’ Lacking in Substance… But Not Substances


Inherent Vice is the newest film of the eclectic Paul Thomas Anderson’s writer/director career. Based on the book bearing the same name (by Thomas Pynchon) the work straddles many genres: having a pastiche of detective, satirical, romantic, comedic and magical realism elements (in truth I wouldn’t know where to classify the film on Netflix).

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From Riches to Prison: The Tale of a Roseville Bankrobber


Ranya Al-Huthaili lived a life of luxury in Saudi Arabia — her mother even described it as a “crystal palace to reporters. But she moved to America and took her daughter with her. Al-Huthaili seemed to be finding her way and attended Roseville High School and Hamline University — but seeking to please a boyfriend constantly begging for money, she began robbing banks (that’s dedication). Of course she was caught and now awaits her prison sentence.

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