Northfield Ranked One of the Best Small Towns

 Cannon River in Northfield, MN (Jpellgen) recently named Northfield, MN, as the second best small town (less than 20,000 residents) of 2014 (Los Alamos, New Mexico somehow got the better of it). For those of us who have stayed in the not-so-sleepy community on the Cannon River, this comes as no surprise. In Northfield the level-headed Midwestern foundations (common throughout Minnesotan communities) mix with an almost European-like downtown riverfront, a love for eclectic events and a fine arts addiction.

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Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Three Years

Leah Putz - Graduate

Leah Putz (middle)

When I tell people I’m graduating college in a few weeks, I get bombarded with questions- “How old are you?” – “Didn’t you just graduate high school?” – or sometimes even just, “How did you manage that?!”

My answers to the first two questions are simple- “I just turned 21”  – and – “Yep, I left high school in 2011.” The answer to the last question is a bit more complicated.

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