Movie Review — Why Not See ‘Why Him?’ This Holiday Season?

why him movie review

It’s no wonder why James Franco has the wrinkles of a smile burned into his star-studded face; he’s played more stoners, scoundrels, and screwballs with an insatiable grimace than anyone can count by this point, and he’s hilarious at doing so. His role as Laird Mayhew in the typical “father v. fiancée” formulaic comedy is the most recent installment to this repertoire of character-types – in fact, it is perhaps his latest and greatest addition.

The strength of his performance comes not only from his surprisingly well-developed character; it also stems from how the other cast members interpret their characters and play off one another, including Bryan Cranston as Franco’s sworn-father-figure-enemy. Tightly wound Ned Fleming (Cranston) is compelled by daughter Stephanie (charmingly portrayed by Zoey Deutch) to give her eccentric boyfriend a chance, to that he reluctantly agrees. Although this commonly adapted and re-adapted formula risks suffering from some overused lines and gags – Why Him? isn’t of exception – the charming chemistry between its cast elevates the could-be tired comedy to a new level, where it preserves the integrity of even some of the more plainly-crude-and-stupid humor in the film.

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Movie Review — Bryan Cranston is Great, But It’s Not Enough in ‘The Infiltrator’

Bryan-Cranston-in-The-Infiltrator-movie review

If there’s one thing about Bryan Cranston’s career that stands out, it’s the variety of roles he takes on. From sitcom dad in Malcolm in the Middle to meth dad in Breaking Bad to President Lyndon B. Johnson in All The Way (not to mention the plethora of roles he’s played in between), he continues to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Yet, unlike All The Way, which is arguably his most diverse and impressive role to date, his steady and solid performance as U.S. customs officer Robert Mazur in The Infiltrator shows he can be an entertaining and enthralling lead in a movie that doesn’t have much else to give.

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Movie Review — ‘Godzilla’ is the First GREAT Blockbuster of 2014

godzilla_movie review

Sure Godzilla is yet another remake — but rightfully so, this remake was after a disastrous 1998, Roland Emmerich rendition. The Matthew Broderick flick was awful in nearly every regard, doing the classic monster tale zero justice. Hence, a remake was definitely warranted. Thankfully, in the capable hands of Gareth Edwards, this 2014 version of Godzilla was a triumph of story, suspense, characters, visuals, action, and of course, the big monster himself.

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