Minnesota Artist Profile: Amara Volimas of ‘Art by Amara’

Amara Volimas

Amara Volimas is a woman of many talents. Not only is she known for her colorful, interesting paintings, but for sculpture, and jewelry as well! Amara has managed to master several mediums and put her talents to work in creating interesting and multi-faceted pieces that every art-lover should have in their home.

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Minnesota Artist Profile: Kendra Boblett of ‘KWB Art’

Kendra Boblett

Minnesota is teaming with creative talent, with history showing that our wonderful state has the ability to produce artists like Prince, sculptor Duane Hansen, and Bob Dylan. Artists like this are still being produced in Minnesota, and one of these talents is Kendra Boblett of KWB Art. Kendra’s art is whimsically stylistic, colorful, and often biographical, giving viewers a glimpse into the artist’s world, her personality, and her struggles. Kendra has been an artist all through school, developing and nurturing her unique style both here in her home in Minnesota as well as in Seattle, WA.

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“The Codex Leicester” by Leonardo da Vinci now at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

self portrait of da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest creative and scientific minds of all history – and especially of the Renaissance era in which he lived. Though the now-world-famous artist was illegitimate and had no formal education, he learned and discovered much about the world through his own observations and experiments. Because he taught himself, he took vast notes and doodles to keep track of his thoughts, theories, and observations.

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The Walker Art Center: Celebrating 75 Years of Modern Art

walker art center - 75 years

The Walker 75th Anniversary exhibition seeks to answer the question of how art can remain relevant in a changing time. How does modern art continue to comment on our past and our future? Philosophical questions aside, the exhibit also seeks to remind patrons of the history of the Walker Art Center’s past, but also seeks to understand where it is headed in the future.

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Paper Hat – Connecting Artist and Customer


Paper Hat is a shop I could spend all day in. It has the double whammy: adorable merchandise and friendly, helpful staff(aka, the owner Greta Norlander). I found myself circling the place twice, admiring the adorable and colorful prints, jewelry, purses and other accessories. It’s more than just the merchandise that makes this store so great, it is the community Greta has created with both the artists and the customers.

It all starts with the artists.

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The Walker Art Center Presents: ‘Art Expanded 1958-1978’


The Walker Art Center’s new exhibition features work from the “expanded arts” scene of the 1960s and 1970s. Just as the 60s and 70s were a time of experimentation, the Walker has selected pieces from their collection that showcase the experimental power of Fluxus. The “flow” from the Latin fluxus was adopted as the name of a movement concerned with ideas exemplified through art.

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‘The Traveling Art Pub’ — A Night of Artistic Expression in the Brainerd Lakes Area

brainerd lakes area - traveling arts pub

If you have traveled to the Brainerd Lakes, you are familiar with the niche of culinary masters of Prairie Bay, Grand View, Moonshine Lounge, or Maucieri’s. If you have not, you should take your next opportunity to experience these highly coveted dining experiences. Thankfully, a truly unique opportunity awaits you through the Traveling Art Pub (TAP).

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Henri Matisse: Modern Master

Matisse - Baltimore Museum of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents “Matisse: Masterworks from the Baltimore Museum of Art.” The majority of the exhibition is made up of paintings, prints, and sculptures that were collected by Dr. Claribel Cone and her sister, Miss Etta Cone, avid lovers of modern art and supporters of Matisse’s work. Baltimore natives, the Cone sisters’ collection was highly valued and sought after by numerous museums, but there was only one place for the collection to find a home: The Baltimore Museum of Art.

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Artistic Ice Fishing Lands on White Bear Lake

Ice Shanty - Artistic Ice Houses - White Bear Lake - 2014

Though the water level in White Bear Lake is on the downslide, even winter can’t keep the local art scene from going up.

For the month of February, 20 specialized ice shacks will decorate the frozen waters of one of the north metro’s most popular lakes. Officially recognized as the Art Shanty Project, the idea is to add an artistic element to what can be an otherwise drab sport: ice fishing.

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The Uptown Art Fair Impresses Once Again

Uptown Art Fair - 2013

“I’ve probably been to twenty of these things,” said Maggie Stewart, an attendant of the Uptown Art Fair. “And each time is as much fun as the last.”

The Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis ran from Friday through Sunday this weekend and was as successful as ever.

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