Dill Pickles and Sharing Traditions

Pickled cucumbers

Americans are a fortunate nation of blended cultures and freedoms. Our great grandparents and grandparents lived much different, culturalized lives than we currently experience. While it is true we are certainly a blended cultural mixing pot, what can we say culturally defines American traditions? If our traditions had to be represented in one image (of food) what would we see? Unfortunately, some of our generational traditions (related to food and otherwise) have been lost. While our children may uphold a grandmother’s or grandfather’s name, much of their experiences and cultural traditions have been lost or forgotten (unintentionally). Our fast-paced world has changed the scope of how we see, understand, and do things in our lives and our children’s lives.

One commonality of people will always remain…food. Food/nutrition is one necessity we must all retain in order to survive. We can bond, learn, and make traditions through our food. It is a subject worth understanding and protecting. Food has the capability to connect generations and cultures from our past and into our present.

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