U.S. Bank Claims Naming Rights to New Stadium



We will no longer have to refer to the new Vikings Stadium anymore as the “Vikings stadium” or “Minnesota Vikings stadium.”

It was announced on Monday that U.S. Bank had reached a naming rights deal with the Minnesota Vikings. The Minneapolis based bank will pay a published cost of $220 million over 20 years to have their name on the stadium, making it the fourth NFL facility to have the name of a bank on it. The stadium will now be called U.S. Bank Stadium.

U.S. Bank CEO Richard Davis said in an article on the Star Tribune’s website:

“We look forward to U.S. Bank Stadium being a place that will drive economic vitality in Minneapolis-St. Paul, as well as a place where friends and families will create lasting memories celebrating civic pride and the competitive accomplishments of the Minnesota Vikings.” 

With U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis now will have two stadiums named for banks with TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota Campus. The stadiums are located three miles of each other or a quick train ride on the Light Rail.

Speaking of TCF Bank Stadium, it is commonly referred to as “The Bank” for its nickname. There’s no doubt that the U.S. Bank Stadium will also get some form of that nickname. “The Bigger Bank” is a likely nickname since it costs more and is bigger in size than the Gopher’s stadium.

With the naming rights partner in place, it signals another small step towards the project being complete. Even with the steady progress of construction, there’s still a long way to go before Vikings fans will be able to enjoy a game in the new U.S. Bank Stadium in 2016.


Image courtesy of: U.S. Bank/Minnesota Vikings


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