The 2013 State Fair Brings a New Assortment of Unique Foods


New State Fair Foods - 2013

The most important thing a visitor to the Minnesota State Fair can do, is eat, and eat a lot. Of course, there are the staples like corn dogs, cheese curds, and corn on the cob — but the fair also offers a lot more, unique food options. With each year, the fair brings a lot of new foods for visitors to try — this year, the fair is bringing forth 40 new foods, some more pedestrian than others, and some so crazy it takes a bold person to eat. Last year, I was one of those crazy people, trying the absolutely dreadful chocolate covered jalapeños. It was a horrible experience I will not soon forget. But I also tasted deep fried camel testicles — despite the awful image currently in your mind, they weren’t half bad. This year, I’m excited to give a few other odd foods a shot.

Like I said, there are 40 new items to check out at the fair this year — this is not uncommon, as new foods are one of the biggest attractions at this event. I have a handful of friends who make lists of foods they are going to seek out, one of the reasons I tried chocolate covered jalapeños last year. The Minnesota State Fair website has a section specifically dedicated to the new foods appearing each year. You won’t find conventional hot dogs on this list, but more options along the lines of bacon-wrapped shrimp, cajun pork rinds, candied bacon cannoli, chocolate chili ice cream, and more.

While these foods might not be something you want to invest in, it’s always a good idea to go to the fair with a group of adventurous people, so you can buy dishes and share them, giving everyone a chance to try something. That way, you don’t have to buy something, taste it, hate it, and have it go to waste. Everyone in your group can give it a shot.

Some people go to the fair to get their yearly fix on the delicious foods offered there — for me, it’s Turkey-to-Go. But don’t be scared to try something new. If anything, at least you will get a good story out of it, like the one time I tried the awful combination of chocolate and jalapeños.


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