Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone Square Off in Lip Sync Contest


Emma Stone - Jimmy Fallon - Lip Sync

The video posted below is without a doubt one of the greatest to ever populate the Internet — a little hyperbolic? Probably, but yes, it’s that good. To be clear, I am more than a bit bias — I love Emma Stone. Not only is she one of the better actresses in Hollywood today, and gorgeous, but she has that type of spunky personality that appears both on screen and in real life (<– this link is legendary). Even outside her best movies (Easy A, Crazy, Stupid, Love.), this lip sync contest is amongst her finest work. Did I mention I love Emma Stone?

It’s also worth noting that I am a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon — in his short tenure as host of The Tonight Show, he has undoubtedly ascended to the late night throne — sorry Conan, I still love you. This segment, Lip Sync Battle, is my favorite from the show as it pits Fallon against his famous guests. He’s had many memorable battles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes to mind, but this battle versus Emma Stone is now champion in my book. Although this video is seven minutes long, it’s worth every single second. Especially Emma’s second song — don’t miss that.

Big ups for Emma taking on “Hook” by Blues Traveler, one of my favorite songs as a teen — the song has never looked so good — did I mention I love Emma Stone?


Image and video via: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon



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